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DGS 217: Getting Investor Referrals in Property Management

By Jason Hull | September 13, 2023

Real estate agent referrals can be a great source for leads in a property management business, but this strategy is often challenging and confusing for property management entrepreneurs. Join property management experts Jason Hull and Sarah Hull as they dive into the world of real estate agent referrals and why they often don’t work for…

DGS 216: The Property Management Declaration of Independence

By Jason Hull | August 29, 2023

Ever wondered what a Declaration of Independence document would look like for property management entrepreneurs? Jason did, so he fed ChatGBT his mission statement and core values. Join property management growth experts Jason and Sarah Hull as they go through The Property Management Declaration of Independence. You’ll Learn [02:44] Article I: Liberation from Limiting Beliefs…

DGS 215: How Not to Suck at Property Management

By Jason Hull | August 16, 2023

Working with amazing, hard-working property management entrepreneurs is what makes being a coach worth it. Join property management growth expert Jason Hull in today’s episode as he interviews DoorGrow client Jeff Garner. Jeff went from 150 to 420 doors in 4 months! Learn how he did it. You’ll Learn [02:35] Why would anyone get into…

DGS 214: Starting a Property Management Business the Right Way

By Jason Hull | August 8, 2023

With the real estate market shifting, more and more real estate agents are going to be starting property management companies. Is this you? If you are starting a property management business, this episode is for you. Join property management growth experts Jason and Sarah Hull as they discuss the best way to build the foundation…

DGS 213: Scaling Up Your Leasing Process During Busy Season in Property Management

By Jason Hull | August 1, 2023

Even though a vacancy can be painful for an investor, leasing doesn’t have to be the biggest hat a property manager has to wear. Join property management growth expert Jason Hull to talk about the topic of the property management Summer busy season with Tim and Larry from Tenant Turner.  You’ll Learn [02:55] When is…

DGS 212: Revolutionizing Property Management: The Power of Innovative Software Solutions

By Jason Hull | July 21, 2023

The property management industry has been moving more and more towards automating tasks and processes in the last decade. Property management tools and software have improved drastically and continue to improve every year. In this episode, property management growth expert, Jason Hull sits down with Mo Hussein from Balanced Asset Solutions to talk about property…

DGS 211: Partnership Launch of DoorGrow x Rocket Station with Greg Brooks

By Jason Hull | July 12, 2023

DoorGrow recently partnered with Rocket Station VAs, a company that goes above and beyond finding the right virtual assistant for your property management business. Property management growth expert Jason Hull brings back Greg Brooks to talk about the new relationship between DoorGrow and Rocket Station and what’s next for hiring in the property management industry.…

DGS 210: The Importance of Operators in Property Management

By Jason Hull | July 7, 2023

DoorGrow has changed a lot in the last few years. We’ve added tons of new features and perks for our clients as well as new coaches… including Sarah Hull, COO and property management growth coach. Join property management growth experts Jason and Sarah Hull to learn more about Sarah’s role at DoorGrow, operations, and how…

DGS 209: Insight On Multifamily Market Oversupply With John Carlson

By Jason Hull | July 5, 2023

Have you heard about the multifamily market oversupply that’s been increasing since the undersupply during the COVID-19 pandemic? In this episode, Jason chats with John Carlson, President of Mark-Taylor Residential about Insight on the multifamily market oversupply. Mark-Taylor Residential has currently an inventory of 22,000 units and over 34,000 residents, being a multifamily leader in…

DGS 208: How to Deal with Bad Property Management Clients

By Jason Hull | June 27, 2023

Too many property management entrepreneurs tolerate bad clients. They subject their team to crappy owners and are often miserable.  In this episode, property management growth expert Jason Hull explains how property management entrepreneurs can deal with bad owners and prevent bringing them on in the first place. You’ll Learn… [04:03] What is a Bad Client?…

3 Questions Every Property Management Website Needs to Answer Learn 3 Questions Every Website Visitor Needs Answered Before They Contact You

By Jason Hull | August 12, 2015

You have about 5 seconds to grab attention and create interest. Does your site answer these 3? Want to dig deeper? Take our DoorGrow Website Quiz to see how your website scores.  

stop sales funnel leaks

Stop The Leaks to Grow Your Property Management Business Your business is bleeding your marketing dollar, time, energy at one or several stages in your sales pipeline.

By Jason Hull | May 23, 2015

Another Tool To Escape the “Cycle of Suck” Many people enjoyed our property management cycle of suck video. This video is another concept that can help you escape the bottom of the barrel. It is quite simple… you just need to stop pouring money or energy into a sales process that has big leaks. Stop Being…


Mobilegeddon is Coming April 21st – It’s Time For Responsive Design Google Said If Your Site Doesn't Pass Their Mobile Test You Will See A Significant Impact

By Jason Hull | March 31, 2015

Check Your Site… It’s Coming Google has been warning us for years of the impending doom. In the past they said they prefer responsive design. In case you aren’t familiar with responsive design, it basically means your website can adapt to any size screen, including tablets, phones, etc. Well now they have set a…

ahmad interview screenshot

Ahmad Zein Gives Tips For Realtors Looking to Get Into Property Management Video Interview with Ahmad Zein of Foursquare Property Management in Raleigh, North Carolina

By Jason Hull | March 21, 2015

When Ahmad came to us a year ago he had about 30 or so properties he was managing under his real estate business and has since doubled in size by making property management his focus. He has a very healthy perspective on property management that I think is refreshing & our readers will enjoy. Ahmad’s…

real estate and property management 1200

Property Management & Real Estate: Should You Do Both? 6 Things to Consider When Deciding On Your Branding & Focus

By Jason Hull | March 11, 2015

On the surface it seems like a natural fit, but the reality is that it is usually hurtful. People jumping into property management ask me this question all the time: “Should we keep our real estate & property management company under the same brand?” I usually recommend they keep those things completely segregated, but why?…

3 types of buyers

Property Management Pricing Strategy: Target 3 Types of Buyers How You Can Make More Money by Targeting All Three

By Jason Hull | March 3, 2015

Most property management companies only target a single type of buyer, but there are 3 different types of buyers out there. This means most property managers are leaving money on the table and losing out on sales. Here is how you can make more money by targeting 3 different types of buyers. The 3 Types…

The Property Management Cycle of Suck

4 Steps to Escape the “Cycle of Suck” Plaguing Property Managers Get Out Of Property Management Hell & Love Your Job

By Jason Hull | February 28, 2015

More often than not property managers are stuck in a terrible cycle I call the “cycle of suck”, which could also easily be called “PM Hell”. They struggle to get good properties, deal with too many tenant issues, have clients that are difficult to work with, and have a low review rating or poor reputation…

1 Way to Stop Negative Property Management Reviews: Eliminate the Barrier to Feedback Or Pay the Penalty On Yelp, Google, Etc.

By Jason Hull | February 28, 2015

Most property management businesses have a barrier in place that prevents valuable feedback, makes you unaware of issues, and drives customers to complain on Yelp or Google. Learn how this barrier gets created & what to do about it. How / Why the Barrier Exists As business owners we can’t do it all. Initially, many…

wallystacey hero

Your Property Management Website Sucks: 1 Idea That Can Transform Your Business Learn Why the Focus of Your Website May Help Operations, But Costs You Leads

By Jason Hull | October 31, 2014

Yes you Mr. or Mrs. property manager. I know you love your site. Including the perfect property pictured – that you got off of – that everyone wishes they owned. The cheesy family made of models you found on the same site. Tenants may want that house, they may want to be models with…