DGS 255: Coming Back From DoorGrow Live: The Ultimate Event for Property Managers

In May, we had our annual DoorGrow Live event! What makes DoorGrow Live different from other property management conferences?

In today’s episode, property management growth experts Jason and Sarah Hull talk about our most recent DoorGrow Live conference and some of the topics discussed.

You’ll Learn

[01:12] What was different about this year’s DoorGrow Live?

[04:48] Tactics vs. Mindset

[06:41] Changing the order of your priorities

[10:17] Hard choices, easy life


“Tactics and the how can always be figured out.”

“It’s not really the tactics that are the problem. It’s almost always the mindset.”

“The hard choice is to not go for what you immediately want, but to reorder and prioritize some things that are more relevant to the long term.”

“If you don’t like the results, then it’s probably because your priorities are not in the right order.”


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[00:00:00] Jason: If you don’t like the results, then it’s probably because your priorities are not in the right order. 

[00:00:08] Welcome DoorGrow property managers to the DoorGrow show. If you are a property management entrepreneur that wants to add doors, make a difference, increase revenue, help others, impact lives, and you are interested in growing in business and life, and you’re open to doing things a bit differently, then you are a DoorGrow property manager. DoorGrow property managers love the opportunities, daily variety, unique challenges, and freedom that property management brings. Many in real estate think you’re crazy for doing it. You think they’re crazy for not because you realize that property management is the ultimate, high trust gateway to real estate deals, relationships, and residual income. At DoorGrow, we are on a mission to transform property management business owners and their businesses.

[00:00:53] We want to transform the industry, eliminate the BS, build awareness, change perception, expand the market, and help the best property management entrepreneurs win. We’re your hosts, property management growth experts, Jason and Sarah Hall, the owners of DoorGrow. Now let’s get into the show. Okay. 

[00:01:12] And so what we’re going to be talking about today is we just had DoorGrow Live and DoorGrow Live was a success. It was a lot of fun and it was a little bit different this year. So how would you say it was different this year, Sarah? 

[00:01:27] Sarah: So I think a lot of people were saying, “Hey, it feels like there was really just a lot of heart that went into this event.”

[00:01:35] So usually when I think you and I run events, we’re very tactical. How do you do this? How do you do that? And let’s share this strategy and let’s talk about this thing. And this year we changed things up a little bit and you were maybe a little hesitant to follow the formula that I put together, might I add.

[00:01:53] And so maybe on the podcast you can tell people that It worked? 

[00:01:57] Jason: It worked. 

[00:01:58] Sarah: And? Do you have anything else to say about that? 

[00:02:00] Jason: Anyone that knows Sarah knows what she wants to hear right now. You were right. There it is! There it is. There it is. That’s what she wanted. There it is. 

[00:02:10] Sarah: So this year when I was putting together the schedule and the agenda, there was this whole plan that I had.

[00:02:17] And I was like, “Oh no, we need to order things like this and do things like this. And this is what I wanted.” And he’s like, ” I don’t know if that’s going to work. And why are we doing this whole thing? And we’re like putting this whole thing together. And like, you don’t even know if it’s going to work the way you want.”

[00:02:30] Jason: Is this how I sound? 

[00:02:31] Sarah: Yes. 

[00:02:32] Jason: “I don’t know if it’s gonna work.” 

[00:02:34] Sarah: “I don’t know if it’s gonna work.” 

[00:02:36] Jason: That’s totally what I sound like. 

[00:02:38] Sarah: It was perfect. 

[00:02:39] Jason: I’m shaking my head no, by the way, for the listeners. 

[00:02:41] Sarah: See you probably, they probably didn’t even know that was me talking. They just thought it was you. 

[00:02:45] Jason: Oh, yeah.

[00:02:46] You do such a good impersonation of me. I know. It’s really quite impressive. I’ll go back to my normal voice so that you realize it’s Sarah talking. Yeah, for the listeners, we need to make sure there’s two distinct voices or they’re going to be really confused why I’m talking to myself because you sound so much like me.

[00:03:03] Sarah: I know. I’m so sorry if I confused anyone. 

[00:03:06] Jason: Nobody was confused. Okay. So… 

[00:03:08] Sarah: so he was giving me a little bit of a hard time about it because I, like, made him sit down and map this out and I was like, “no, there’s a formula that we’re supposed to follow and this is what I want it to look like.” And I think it worked out really well.

[00:03:21] Jason: Yeah, the event went really well. 

[00:03:23] Sarah: Yeah. 

[00:03:24] Jason: Things ran pretty much like clockwork. That’s hard. It’s hard to do that in events. Like speakers go over, people don’t stop. Like, we had this big, huge red LED clock right in front of the speaker. So it was like super obvious, like, and we, I think we had conversations with all the speakers, like everything worked pretty smoothly.

[00:03:43] The general feedback I got from a lot of clients one of our clients, Ed Golding, came up to me and he was just smiling. He’d been to some previous ones and he said, “this was different, you know, what was different about this?” I said, “what, Ed? ” He said, “heart, this one had heart.”

[00:03:56] And it was an emotional event. There was lot more emotion at this event. Did we talk about tactics? Yes. I explained how I’ve been able to leverage social media and different tools and, I’ve made millions of dollars off social media. And I shared some really cool tools and very tactical stuff.

[00:04:12] That’s how I opened up the event. But we got into a lot of mindset and what we’ve realized over time, that we talked about at the event that most of our clients are not winning or losing because they don’t, or do have tactics. Tactics and the how can always be figured out. And I liked Jeff Garner’s tattoo he talked about but…. 

[00:04:33] Sarah: he’s funny. 

[00:04:33] Jason: He’s like, ” can I say it? There’s children present.” I had my kids at the event. 

[00:04:36] Sarah: They’re my kids. Like they hear it all the time. 

[00:04:40] Jason: Yeah, so he’s got a tattoo that’s FTH Which stands for “fuck the how” so and so a lot of times people are so worried about “how do I do this? How do I do this?” And we do share tactics. We do a lot of that at DoorGrow. However, It’s not really the tactics that are the problem. It’s almost always the mindset. And so whenever I teach tactics. I always am going into the why behind it and the mindset stuff. And when they start to understand this stuff, then they will actually do it usually.

[00:05:13] So there was a lot of mindset at the event. And then also, there’s vulnerability. Like I openly shared how I’ve been reevaluating my priorities and what those look like and how how that looks. You were sharing about your upbringing and how like the difficult things in life are also the things that make us who we are and help us to enable us to help others and how to view it through a different lens, which I thought was really awesome.

[00:05:39] And everybody’s crying. Sarah’s making everybody cry. Like I was crying, like… 

[00:05:44] Sarah: I made people cry in a very different way this time though. I’m usually making people cry because I’m yelling at them. 

[00:05:50] Jason: That’s not true. 

[00:05:51] Sarah: It’s a little true. It’s a little true. 

[00:05:54] Jason: Not our clients, just me. 

[00:05:56] Sarah: No, I don’t do, but I do give our clients tough love when they need it.

[00:05:59] And Kelly came to the event and she’s like, “this is exactly what I needed.” I’m like, “I know that’s why I was on you for like three months.”

[00:06:07] Jason: Yeah. I think some people had some breakthroughs, which that’s the goal. Like we want to change lives. And so there’s something just really beautiful about this DoorGrow Live.

[00:06:16] There was a lot of more depth to it and I just feel grateful to be able to be part of it and to see, our clients that believe in us and that, that came in just seeing their progress and, there are people there that have been in our program for years, which is just.

[00:06:29] It’s really awesome to see. So, so I thought I would share just a little bit today about what I had shared and this will be a quick episode cause Sarah doesn’t want me to go long. So this’ll be a quick one. 

[00:06:41] Sarah: Back to back today. 

[00:06:42] Jason: You got a busy day. So what I shared is I talked a little bit about prioritization and I’ve talked about this previously, but what what was interesting, one of my breakthroughs recently was recognizing I was basically merging in my mind, the five basic needs.

[00:06:57] Which I don’t know who put that out. We learned it from our friend Roya. 

[00:07:01] Sarah: But maybe it was…

[00:07:02] Jason: maybe it’s Tony Robbins. I don’t know. So there’s five basic needs and the five basic needs are love and belonging, power and achievement fun and adventure, fun and pleasure, safety and security.

[00:07:15] Sarah: And I’ll see when you put them in a weird order, then I don’t remember them. Freedom and flexibility. 

[00:07:20] Jason: Freedom and flexibility. Freedom. There we go. Yeah. Okay. These are five basic needs and we all have one that’s primary. For Sarah, it’s power and achievement. Nobody’s surprised, right? For me, it’s actually love and belonging.

[00:07:33] And a lot of my achievement and a lot of the things that I do. Are to, that’s what motivates that we’re helping clients working with clients love and belonging and having that connection. That’s why I like working with entrepreneurs because I don’t feel like such a weirdo when I’m around other people that are that weird, that are also entrepreneurial.

[00:07:51] But what I’ve come to realize that if I make that my highest priority, I tend to get less of it. And I think this is true for anyone with their basic need. If you really think about it, if Sarah just went after power and achievement. And didn’t prioritize like relationships and other things, it could be pretty destructive and it would likely have the opposite desired effect in trying to achieve power and whatnot, right?

[00:08:13] Because we need others. And then for me, if I’m just going after love and belonging, I would be less likely to get it. If I didn’t have my own oxygen mass first, if I didn’t have financial wealth and health, if I didn’t have physical health then it wouldn’t be nearly as effective. I wouldn’t be nearly as present.

[00:08:31] I wouldn’t be able to enjoy much love and connection or belonging, in relationships. I wouldn’t be able to feed into relationships as much if I weren’t taking care of myself. And so based on that I, I had everybody map out or stack or list their priorities in their life, and then I showed how my priorities were listed and then Like what my natural inclination is placing like love and belonging at the top.

[00:08:59] And then I showcased how I’ve intentionally consciously listed them and rearranged the priority and how that affects my decision making in my day to day so that I spend more of my time in my day to day moving towards the top priorities, which are not on my new adjusted priority list are not the love and connection related things related to family, sex, relationship, stuff like that. So above that, I’ve placed God at the top which is, for some of you that might be your highest ideal, whatever that is. And so I want to always be pointed towards my highest ideal. Second, I put power, achievement, impact, and that’s related money status, all that.

[00:09:41] And that allows me to have impact. Which leads to me getting what I want. It’s a leading sort of thing. And then the next is health. I need to be prioritizing health. And then it gets into more of the relationship stuff in the priorities. Whereas before I was putting family, friends, fun was probably higher on the list, but I felt like I wasn’t ever able to do as much of that as I wanted.

[00:10:04] Because I was so focused on the other stuff. And so by reordering the priorities, it takes work. Like it takes effort to go towards what’s easy and what’s natural usually leads to a harder life. And so there’s this stoic phrase that I like that is “hard choices, easy life. Easy choices, hard life.”

[00:10:26] And the hard choice is to not go for what you immediately want, but to reorder and prioritize some things that are more relevant to the long term, playing the long game, doing what maybe I feel deep down inside I should do connected when I’m connected to God or focusing on my health, doing the playing the long game instead of doing the short term, right?

[00:10:49] The short term is like eat, Häagen Dazs vanilla ice cream, vanilla bean ice cream. It’s like my favorite right now. I love that. Or whatever, right? When we’re just trying to please our tongue and our genitals, we tend to have a much harder life, right? And this is the short term. We’re just going for the short term gain.

[00:11:05] And so we want to make sure we prioritize the long game, the long term. and give up where that means sacrifice in the short term. That means work. That means effort. And a lot of people just aren’t putting in enough work or enough effort in the lazy people in society are the people that are always trying to please their tongue and their genitals.

[00:11:24] Maybe it’s crass, my crass way of saying it. Okay. It’s a little gross. Okay. So that’s what I shared at DoorGrow Live. And so I encourage all of you listening, like make a list. What are your priorities? And what I shared is your results reveal your priorities. So if you don’t like the results in your life, write them down.

[00:11:43] Like, what are your relationships like? What’s your business like? What are you doing in the business? What aren’t you doing in the business? Or what are you enjoying? What are you not enjoying? And if you don’t like the results, then it’s probably because your priorities are not in the right order. It doesn’t mean you give up or change your priorities, right? All of the things that were my priorities before are still priorities for me. I’ve just rearranged the order and by just rearranging the order, it changes everything. It changes the results that you get and you’ll get more of the results that you really desire if you rearrange those priorities in a way that probably will take you more effort and more work, but will allow you to get everything that you want in the long run.

[00:12:28] So that was my message. That’s the simple message. Rearrange your priorities figure out your basic need, put that lower on the list, and figure out what needs to come before in order for you to have as much of that as possible because I want you to enjoy your life, but you need to do make hard choices.

[00:12:41] And you need to do hard things. 

[00:12:43] But it was an awesome event and make sure you are keeping an eye on doorgrowlive.com for the future and make sure to attend in the future.

[00:12:52] Everybody says our conferences are different than any other property management conference out there. And That’s a good thing. Like we do it in a good way. So, I recommend you attend. So you can check out more details about future events at doorgrowlive.Com. And if you are wanting to grow your property management business and have success like our clients were showcasing at DoorGrow Live and grow your business, scale your operations, have a better lifestyle, enjoy your team more, enjoy your business, be less frustrated, have more peace, reach out to us at DoorGrow. You can check us out at DoorGrow.com. We would love to see if we can help you scale your business. And until next time to our mutual growth. Bye everyone.

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Jason Hull

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