Hire with Rocket Station

Take advantage of our strategic partnership and grow your team more easily than ever before

Rapidly scale without the pain of onboarding

When your business desperately needs new team members, you often don't have the time to waste onboarding and training them on the ins and outs of property management.

Rocket Station takes the guesswork out of finding new team members; unlike other virtual assistant companies, they work exclusively with property managers. And every Rocket Station hire is pre-vetted and undergoes six weeks of training with their training specialists, ensuring they're well versed in all things property management.

After Rocket Station's vetting and training process is complete, every candidate goes through the DoorGrow Hiring assessments, honing in on their unique strengths and weaknesses.* This helps ensure the perfect hiring fit.

*Requires a DoorGrow Hiring subscription.

Designed to work seamlessly with DoorGrow

You're already committed to investing in the Mastermind program and working to grow your business with our invaluable coaching and training. Why not take things a step further by using Rocket Station for your hiring needs?

Hire brand new team members who already know the systems we teach in the DoorGrow Mastermind

Seamless integrate new team members who've already been trained with process documentation

Forget wasting weeks training your new hires—they come ready to get to work

Maximize the value of your DoorGrow investment by scaling with a team that gets it

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