Property Management SEO
Is Less Relevant than Ever

Competition Keeps Increasing While Search Volume Has Been Stagnant for Over a Decade!

Property Management search volume hasn't really grown since Google started tracking data back in 2004!
In fact, it peaked in July of 2011.

Is "SEO" Just a Sales Trap?

Marketers Love to Use SEO Buzzwords Like "Search Engine Marketing", "Google", or "PPC" to Convince You to Waste Lots of Time & Money.

SEO Focused Marketers have Hurt the Entire Industry

Some would argue it is just smart business... but by selling what struggling property managers have been asking for (SEO) the industry has unintentionally been held back. 70% of Rental properties are not professionally managed... Yet PMs have focused on fighting over the tiny percentage of search volume & existing market share that already exists, instead of creating new market share.

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