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Let's Point Out A Few Things...

Reputation Trumps Marketing

Although few internet marketers will tell you this, it is the truth: You will get more leads (that are far easier to close) by having a good reputation, than by doing any gimmicky content marketing, awkward videos, or pay-per-click.

Also, marketing easily becomes twice as expensive when you have a bad reputation.

Marketing is a Luxury

Being able to do effective marketing in PPC, SEO, etc. to generate leads requires lots of money & making sure you have several key ducks in a row so you don't hemorrhage your marketing dollar... such as making sure every phone call is answered, having a follow-up system in place, and having a solid sales process. If you are a smaller property management company you will have a very difficult time competing in this space because you just don't have the budget and resources.

It also isn't effective unless you have the proper foundation in place (effective branding, a website focused on lead capture, a solid reputation strategy, a defined sales process).

Prospecting Costs Far Less & Nets More

Prospecting effectively costs far less than marketing and can bring in far more leads than expensive marketing methods. It would be ridiculous for a business owner to start with marketing before first implementing some solid prospecting methods to generate consistent leads.

Well-prospected leads work much like word of mouth, take less time to close, & have a much higher close rate. Many avoid doing this, which means they lose to those who do.

Sales is a Common Property Management Blindspot

If you have largely grown your business through word of mouth, then you likely think you have a really high close rate (70% or higher). This is because you don't really have to sell word-of-mouth leads on using you, they are already sold.

The reality is most property managers usually have a close rate of 10% or lower when it comes to internet based leads & often mistakenly blame the lead sources. Why? They don't have a solid sales process or know how to sell effectively.

Your Website is Leaky & Costing You Thousands

Ironically property managers often skimp on their website in order to save a buck. Sounds smart right? Then they miss out on multiple deals a month due to having a leaky website. Spending more on marketing just wastes more money if your website is leaky. You'll spend far more per lead.

This means you are missing out on several thousands of dollars in future revenue, every month, because of a website that saved you a few thousand dollars.

Do the math & you will know why the savviest property managers choose to have us do their websites.

It's time to stop making the same mistakes as everyone else.

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