Intro: With over 15 years of hands-on property management experience in the land Down Under, Darren Hunter has built a successful business empowering property managers to grow their business prowess.

Could you earn up to $250k more annually, without adding a single new client to your business?

Darren’s frank advice and matter-of-fact approach to management operations has helped countless property managers across the globe to dramatically grow their revenue. In this dynamic conversation, Darren provides a step-by-step game plan for growing your monthly income, all by simply increasing your fees. Does the very idea make your palms sweat? Follow along with the video recording to learn how to kiss your fear goodbye & grow your property management profit margins.

Darren reveals key principles for successful fee increases:

  • Are you letting one of these negative mindsets dictate your fee structure?
  • Most property managers are afraid of losing clients by increasing fees—here’s how to do it without a hitch.
  • Understand why clients tolerate fee increases & how to identify which customers are at high risk of jumping ship.
  • Fee increases only work if you’re already providing a reasonable level of service—Darren shares one simple way to know if you’re hitting the mark.
  • To warn or not to warn: let’s look at the pros & cons of warning clients of a fee boost in advance.
  • Don’t boost fees blindly across the board—use Darren’s simple 3-step categorization strategy to carefully target clients.
  • Justification is everything—discover how to change your thinking about the value you’re providing.
  • Ready to act? Learn how to structure your fee increase letter effectively.
  • Feel stuck? Consider these potential tenant & owner fees you can use to further grow your business.

Plus, Darren walks us through real-life examples of partners who have used this fee increase strategy to grow their operating income.