Smart Drugs with Jameson Brandon

Intro: Property management can be stressful. Many people baulk at the idea of using “smart drugs” to get a mental edge in business and life, but others are convinced that natural supplements are the key to experiencing greater success. In this eye-opening chat with Jameson Brandon, we’re exploring the somewhat controversial phenomenon gripping the business world.

Could a simple supplement help you stay focused, boost your creativity and earn your business more money?

Jameson has made it his mission to determine just how smart drugs impact the human body. He’s carefully documented his vigorous experimentation and research in his book, “Achieving Peak Performance through Smart Drugs” and answers a number of questions in this informative interview.

Jameson shares insight you won’t want to miss:

  • Just what are smart drugs and what do they do to the body?
  • Countless small business owners lack mental clarity & focus: cognitive enhancers can help in some cases.
  • How smart drugs can help you take ideas from conception to completion.
  • What’s the difference between prescription drugs vs. nootropics and nutraceuticals?
  • Addiction challenges: do supplements pose a risk?
  • Is it legal to use these products?
  • Quantifying your results is incredibly important: learn how to monitor the effect of smart drug consumption.
  • Considering taking a drug or two? Jameson explains where to start.
  • What techniques should be used with smart drugs to enhance your results?
  • Learn how meditation can be just as useful as supplementation.

Regardless of which side of the equation you fall on, the conversation around smart drugs is intriguing to stay the least. If you’re interested in reviewing the research behind the numbers, consider downloading Jameson’s eBook for a deeper look.

What I’m Taking

Since recording this interview I have been taking some of Jameson’s recommended natural supplements and have found a boost in my ability to focus, hold attention, and get things done. Well worth the investment. I avoid caffeine in the morning so as to not mess up my adrenals, but take some matcha green tea later in the day.  Here are the supplements I have been using:

Natural Stacks

Ciltep, & Dopamine Food upon waking. MagTech at noon.


Alpha Brain at noon.

I’ll also add this… the most effective productivity tool in my arsenal is sleep. Why sleep? Sleep is when your brain makes its thinking chemicals for the next day. Get in bed by 10pm otherwise by 11pm your adrenals will likely kick in and you won’t be able to sleep until the adrenaline taps out… and then you crash at about 2am. Repeated abuse of your adrenals will cause adrenal fatigue and chronic tiredness. So get some sleep!