Is Content Marketing for Property Managers Worth It in 2024? In short, yes. But you need to learn how to maximize your content's value.

If you were to take a class on Internet Marketing 101, you’d find using blog content to improve SEO rankings is one of the oldest tricks in the book. In a world dominated by AI-generated content and increasingly sophisticated search engine algorithms, however, it’s only natural to wonder if content marketing for property managers still matters.

In our opinion, yes! Content marketing for property managers matters just as much as it ever has, it just requires a more nuanced and thoughtful approach to generate results. And you don’t have to take our word for it.

74% of B2b businesses are projected to keep their content marketing budgets steady in 2024 or increase their monthly marketing spend. There’s one simple explanation for that trend: content marketing works and pays off handsomely when used correctly.

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How to Maximize Content Marketing for Property Managers

Unlike big multinational brands and corporations, most property managers don’t have an unlimited marketing budget. If you’re looking to use property management content marketing to increase your sales, you need to be intentional about where you spend your promotional dollars.

If you’re eager to generate the best possible results for your property management business while keeping your promotional spend in check, use the following tips to ensure your content marketing efforts pay off.

Don’t Rely on AI

Last year, tools like ChatGPT took the internet by storm. The premise of these platforms is simple: type in your instructions and the AI tool will generate seemingly endless paragraphs of content for you to use. Perfect, right?

Well, the problem is that AI doesn’t think for itself. Instead, these engines use pre-existing content to piece together new sentences. In turn, you get content that is often very thin and lacks depth. Furthermore, the algorithms powering these tools often prioritize quantity over quality, generating text that appears comprehensive on the surface but lacks the nuanced understanding and insight that human creators bring to their work.

Think back to when you were in school and tasked with writing a multi-page essay. AI content sometimes reads like those nonsense paragraphs tired students write to try to hit the minimum word count, without every saying anything significant at all. Additionally, AI content doesn’t cite sources and sometimes the information used is downright untrue.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that this is not a good look for your business. Thin content often gets penalized by Google, so your blog posts aren’t even going to show up when people search for them. To add insult to injury, according to some research, human-written content performs 94.12% BETTER than AI pieces. With numbers like that, why would you want to use AI to write for you?

Don’t get us wrong: AI has a lot of promising uses and it can help with generating ideas, creating content outlines, and plenty of other optimization tasks. When it comes to the written content itself, however, human writers have the upper hand. In fact, that’s why DoorGrow’s content marketing for property managers relies on human input, rather than AI. It might be cheaper for us to create content for our clients using AI, but it wouldn’t have the same impact.

Strengthen Your Brand

Google puts a lot of emphasis on something known as E-E-A-T: Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. This is a metric Google’s search quality raters use to determine the value of content.

What does that mean? In short, Google prioritizes content from credible sources. SEO optimization isn’t just a matter of cramming the right keywords into a piece of content. Instead, it’s important to ensure your brand is recognized as a valuable source of information on the topic at hand.

As a property manager, that means you want to focus on generating informative content about your market. It’s also important to position yourself as a leader in the space; there are multiple ways you can try to do this. Investing in PPP ads can help to get your brand more prominence in search, as can collecting more reviews and dialing in your local SEO.

Supplement with Other Content

Most people aren’t going to regularly visit your property management website to read your blog. Shocking, right?

Investing in content marketing for property managers offers a simple way to increase organic search reach and it can boost a site’s overall authority. Even still, it’s important to understand that traditional blog content isn’t the end all be all for landing sales. You also want to to target social channels.

Think about how you use the internet on any given day. There are times when you perform Google searches because you’re looking to make a purchase or find information, but you also stumble across stuff every day that piques your interest.

Short form video is arguably one of the most popular ways internet users now spend their time on the web. TikTok has over one billion active monthly users. Instagram has around 1.4 billion. Alongside vlogs from influencers and silly montages, brand content makes a big impact on these networks.

Longer form videos on YouTube, updates on X and Threads, and interactions on sites like Facebook can all act to further support your content marketing efforts, making for a more impressive overall effect for your bottom line.

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Personalize Your Content

Many entrepreneurs get sucked into thinking that B2B brands have to take a very serious approach to content generation. There’s actually more room for personalized content than you might think, as evidenced by many very successful B2B social accounts.

Brands like Hubspot, Square, and Adobe are a few examples of B2b brands that aren’t afraid to show off their quirky side online. You can count DoorGrow as part of that club, too!

Ultimately, authenticity resonates with internet users, more so now today than ever before. Customers want to feel like your brand is a real company with real employees, not a corporate behemoth with no soul.

Beyond improving consumer perception, personalized content also is a better tool for sales funnels. For example, let’s say you have a blog post talking about how to increase owner returns. That’s great…but without some specific targeting, you’re going to be catering to people across the planet, most of whom will never need your services.

Don’t be afraid to get really specific with your content. How to increase ROI for Cleveland rental properties. How to navigate the market in the suburbs of Detroit. Etc. Etc. The more personal and specific you are, the more likely your content is to reach the right target audience.

Final Thoughts on Content Marketing for Property Managers

Like any of your other promotional initiatives, content marketing for property managers works best in combination with other tools. When you focus on creating content that effectively communicates your expertise and insight, the ripple effect can be tremendous for your business.

Ready to think about deploying a content marketing strategy for your property management business? Take a look at our content marketing services or contact us to learn more about our marketing solutions for property managers.

Adam Zetterlund

Adam is our project manager and focuses on making certain projects successfully move through our development pipeline. Since joining the company in 2014, he's grown to play a pivotal role in our delivery process. He serves as an important link between our fulfillment team and our clients; Adam also oversees all content creation for our projects.

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