Intro to For Property Management Entrepreneurs The Newest, Coolest, Most Interactive Live Streaming & Content Creation Service

Learn about – a new, more social, live-streaming service for creating content. I have little doubt that Blab is going to be huge. Why am I so certain? First, Meerkat & Twitter’s Periscope have both taken off like wildfire. Second, Blab has mastered engagement – people get involved & connect in a way no one is able to on other services. There is one thing everyone craves and that is connection. Only through connection can we get importance, love, friends, money, etc. Facebook has “friends”, but on Blab I have done some real networking & created real relationships.

What is Blab?

Check out this cool infographic put out for a quick primer:


Why I like Blab:

  1. Blab easily allows you to interview others or have guests while doing live streaming.
  2. You can record content & easily push it to other channels (YouTube, Podcasts, Etc.).
  3. You can connect, network, & meet others in a real way that no other medium I have seen yet, can.
  4. It’s fast & easy to setup & get started.
  5. You can pre-schedule shows – much like a webinar – complete with a countdown page.
  6. It is super easy for people to share or push on social media (Twitter & Facebook) to get a greater audience.
  7. Audience members can take a seat and join in live, or just join in via the live chat (text messages) tool.
  8. It is more comfortable and conversational.

So How Would Property Managers Use

Many property managers find creating video daunting, but talking with people isn’t as hard. This is the advantage of recorded interviews. The guest will provide the content. You just need to ask good questions.

  1. Get interviewed by Jason/DoorGrow to showcase your expertise on a specific topic relevant to your industry and look like an expert & authority.
  2. Interviewing influencers, such as real estate investor gurus to build your clout & reputation by association. This will help attract local real estate investors.
  3. Interview happy clients and showcase your results.
  4. Interview happy tenants to discuss how you have taken care of them.
  5. Host a regular show on real estate investing in your local market with a new topic for each show.
  6. Host a question & answer session and allow viewers to ask questions of you (or your guest).
  7. Interview an individual team member on your staff on a specific topic (i.e. silly maintenance issues, strangest phone questions, etc.).
  8. Interview select vendors about relevant topics (plumber – what is a true emergency & emergency pricing)

Then you will amass a bunch of useful content & videos that you can use on social media, blogs, or for email campaigns.

Example Blabs:

Here’s me showing Blab off to Michael Monteiro, CEO of Buildium:

Here is Me Interviewing a Coaching Client on His Awesome Results:

Rules For Being a Good Blab’er

  1. Allow the host to be the host – don’t hijack the show.
  2. Be respectful of the Topic – don’t deviate far from it & add value to the show.
  3. Don’t hog the guest seat – give others a turn.
  4. Let others talk – don’t hog the mic.
  5. Don’t use others’ shows to learn blab (do that on your own time).
  6. Don’t “follow” everyone (then your notifications will be insane and useless).
  7. Put your real name, pic, & bio – Blab users like real people.
  8. Ask host for permission before plugging your business or website.

So How Do You Get Started?

The easiest way to get started is to start watching some Blabs and commenting.

Step 1: Follow Me & Download Apps

Go here… (opens in new window) & click FOLLOW to follow @KingJasonHull. Then download the iPhone app. Then follow @DoorGrow at (We still not sure how companies will leverage Blab, but I’ve sent some feature requests).

Step 2: Comment, ask questions, contribute to the conversation.

Just start communicating and ask questions (by starting a written comment with /q).

Step 3: Join a Blab Seat

Then if inspired, take a leap and join the conversation in the hotseat. Often hosts will invite you into a seat to join them if they see you making useful comments or questions.

Step 4: Create Your First Test Blab

Time to take it for a drive! Make sure everything is working and get familiar with being a host.

Step 5: Schedule Some Blabs

Now that you are comfortable with each role in a Blab (commenter, guest, host) it is time to try out your first Blab and record it. Don’t worry, you can always hide it or delete it if it flops, but you have to start sucking to start improving. Line up a guest, come up with a topic together, and do a test run.

Or… Be Our Guest!

Each guest that I interview, I take on this journey of discovery, and we play with Blab to get them comfortable. You likely have something interesting to say that you could contribute to the property management community.

Just email & let me know what topic you are genius at that property management entrepreneurs would love to hear about.

Jason Hull

Jason's mission is "to inspire others to love true principles." This means he enjoys digging up gold nuggets of wisdom & sharing them with property managers to help them improve their business. He founded OpenPotion, DoorGrow, & GatherKudos.

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