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Already Tried PPC?

Why Most PPC Managers Targeting PM's Suck Anyhow...

They Optimize for Clicks

Optimizing your ads to get more clicks is what most PPC managers do, but that means they are just making you spend more money - remember PPC stands for pay-PER-click. You will innevitabley get tenants and vendors clicking your ads and then the actual leads you get will be cold and will convert poorly.

They Don't Get Your Industry

Most PPC marketing firms just don't get property management, let alone internet marketing. We don't blame them... it is tricky to get: potential tenants, existing tenants, new owners/clients, existing clients, etc. Then filtering out keywords & clicks related to rentals, real estate, areas you don't cover, etc. It can be a mess. You are likely wasting most of your money.

They Suck At Copywriting

Most PPC managers are not copywriters. They are almost clueless as to what actually sells or drives conversions. So even if they are A/B split testing, they are split-testing two terrible ads. Ads need to be focused on what they are looking for while also preventing wasteful clicks from unqualified people.

They Take On Your Competition

So do they serve you, and your competitor? Ethically a PPC manager cannot take on two clients targeting the same location & category keywords. Why not? Because there is then a conflict of interest. Who gets to earn the top spots? Which one are they more interested in succeeding? They likely will try to keep your ad budget lower to keep it balanced with your competitor.

They Don't Give Reports

Some PPC managers don't provide reports. This is ludicrous. If you aren't inspecting what you expect, how do you even know they are worth it? You deserve regular reports that show how your ads are performing and provide transparency into your PPC manager's operation. After all, you are paying them to manage your money.

They Don't Do Real Work

PPC managers that think they can just "set it & forget it" are not doing their job. Your ads should always have some sort of testing going on, adjustments to keywords, adspend, etc. so that your ads continue to increase in conversions as well as become more & more cost effective and play nice with your current month's marketing budget.

They Don't Focus on PPC

Many businesses truthfully hate doing PPC. Most SEO companies only offer it because their clients might go elsewhere, but it is not their focus and most have admitted to us they wish they didn't have to offer it because they feel the margins are too low. They would rather do other, more costly forms, of marketing.

They Hold Your Ads Hostage

The shadiest marketers consider their ads to be their proprietary secret and won't allow other marketers access to the AdWords account to review their work. Or even worse, they give you limited access & if you cancel with them they take the ads that you spent money optimizing, away from you.

Most PMs Have No Clue How Much They Are Really Spending Per Deal

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