“I just can’t believe the value.” – Jon Westrom

Learn how Jon improved his business, marriage, & life by working with me as a coach.

Some context… Jon Westrom of Westrom Group has been in business for 20 years serving the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas area. He was closing between 2-4 new property management contracts a month when he came to me for coaching.

I’ve been working with Jon for a few months now and his initial business goal was 20 new doors in 90 days. After doing some foundational work together, we did some sales trainings on sales process and sales language.

He then closed 13 doors in 10 days.

In a month he had 19 new doors, nearly hitting his 90 target 2 months early.

A month later he hit 30 new doors, since we started working together.

Imagine what growth, even if you did a fraction of what Jon did, would do to change your life and business?

Watch the interview above to hear Jon talk about what strange things made the difference for him:

  • Mindsets
  • Sales training
  • Language/communication skills
  • Focusing more on his marriage & health?!
  • Meditating?

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