DGS 59: FilterEasy and Entrepreneurship

As an entrepreneur, how can you build a sizable, significant business? Is there a problem you can solve for customers? Save them time and money? If you can offer a good, quality product and there’s good margin in it, then you may have a great idea for a new business!

Today, I am talking with Thad Tarkington of FilterEasy. He describes how his company started due to personal experience with filter issues. He had no background in air filters, but saw an opportunity and jumped at it. After all, entrepreneurship is like skydiving without a parachute, and sometimes you have to make the parachute on the way down.

You’ll Learn…

[05:08] How Thad went from being a solo-preneur to having a team; started his company in 2012 with one partner and now has almost 120 employees.
[06:25] You don’t know everything when you start a business, so find good mentors; the dollar amount you pay them is miniscule compared to your company’s ROI and growth.
[07:06] As an entrepreneur, you start by doing everything; you slowly hand off responsibilities/tasks to allow your company to grow and flourish.
[07:25] FilterEasy focuses on who it hires; must have an aptitude and skill for the role, fit in culturally, and be a self-starter.
[11:38] Trust the process and that things are going to work out in the long term; be resilient and adaptive to keep moving forward, even if there’s roadblocks.
[15:37] Trust other people when you hire them for a job; they may not do things the exact way you would, but they could come up with things that are better and unique.
[17:15] Interruptions are costly; eliminating interruptions is critical for you, your team, and your company to progress.
[19:38] Done is Better than Perfect: To accomplish something, you have to get it done; nothing’s ever perfect in business, and businesses are not perfect.
[24:08] Culture: When employees are excited, energized, and passionate because the company is growing fast, it’s hitting sales numbers, and new projects are successful.
[31:05] If you’re complaining about your team not being motivated and you don’t have the business that you want right now, you’re not the person to lead it yet.
[37:30] Lead-gen and getting a business going can be challenging; there needs to be constant innovation and improvement.


No background in air filters, just saw an opportunity and jumped at it.

Entrepreneurship is like skydiving without a parachute.

Slowly hand off responsibilities to allow your company to grow and flourish.

Entrepreneurs see opportunities everywhere.


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