DGS 245: What Does DoorGrow Even Do?

We get the question all the time, “What does DoorGrow even do?” 

In this short and sweet episode of the #DoorGrowShow, property management entrepreneurs Jason and Sarah Hull share what they do, why they do it, and how to get in touch.

You’ll Learn

[03:09] Most property managers suck

[05:03] Don’t kill your momentum!

[08:35] We can make the industry better together

[10:43] You might be the problem in your business


“We want to make sure you have a business that you enjoy doing stuff in.”

“If you are not adding at least minimum a hundred doors a year, your business is broken.”

“If you’re doing what everybody else does, you’re probably getting the same shitty results that everybody else is getting in this industry.”

“The bar is so low in property management that, the phrase ‘a rising tide raises all ships,’ I think a rising tide would just drown several ships.”


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[00:00:00] Jason: If you’re doing what everybody else does, you’re probably getting the same shitty results that everybody else is getting in this industry. 

[00:00:07] Welcome DoorGrow property managers to the DoorGrow show. If you are a property management entrepreneur that wants to add doors, make a difference, increase revenue, help others, impact lives, and you are interested in growing in business and life, and you’re open to doing things a bit differently, then you are a DoorGrow hacker… or property manager. DoorGrow property managers love the opportunities, daily variety, unique challenges, and freedom that property management brings. Many in real estate think you’re crazy for doing it. You think they’re crazy for not because you realize that property management is the ultimate high trust gateway to real estate deals, relationships, and residual income… and to becoming a better investor yourself and getting rental properties. At DoorGrow, we are on a mission to transform property management business owners and their businesses. We want to transform the industry, eliminate the BS, build awareness, change perception, expand the market, and help the best property management entrepreneurs win.

[00:01:02] We’re your hosts, property management growth experts, Jason and Sarah Hull, the owners of DoorGrow. Now let’s get into the show. 

[00:01:10] All right. So we’re going to make this a short episode today because I just didn’t want to do it. I didn’t want to do it. Like, honestly, like there’s some days that I’m just like, “I don’t want to do the podcast. Like, can we just get on with doing the stuff that I Like we need to get done in the business, right?” 

[00:01:26] Sarah: Let’s be realistic. There are some days that we don’t feel like doing anything. That’s normal. 

[00:01:31] Jason: Right? That’s business, right? I’m sure a lot of you wake up sometimes and you’re like, “I do not want to do this today.”

[00:01:37] Yeah, so we want to make sure you have a business that you enjoy doing stuff in. So we’ll have a quick conversation. So what we were going to talk about is what? 

[00:01:45] Sarah: Oh, why do you do this to me? 

[00:01:46] Jason: Okay, what we were going to talk about, we’re going to talk about just real quick. Let’s answer the question.

[00:01:52] What does DoorGrow do? So we get this question all the time. Cause they’re like “DoorGrow? You help grow and we grow doors? And like, what does that mean? How do you do that? Do you guys get us leads? Are you an advertising company? Like, what do you do? So what we do, the shortest answer I could give you is we help companies grow rapidly while eliminating their marketing or advertising expense and budget.

[00:02:15] And I know that sounds crazy. So we’re helping you not have to waste time doing cold lead marketing or advertising. You might think SEO or pay per click on Google or content marketing or social media marketing or whatever is the secret to getting all the business and growing your business and getting your hopes and dreams to come true.

[00:02:35] And a lot of you have been spending a lot of money doing that, and it’s not really working super well. And so what we do is we help you figure out how to grow effectively. We also help optimize businesses for growth. So a lot of times you’re trying to grow, you’re trying to do a bunch of stuff to get leads and to get doors and to get business, but you have all these blind spots that are eating up and causing you to lose and miss out on deals that you can’t see.

[00:03:01] It might be that you have your branding is off. Your reputation stuff is off. Your sales pitch is off. Your pricing stuff is off. If you’re doing what everybody else does, you’re probably getting the same shitty results that everybody else is getting in this industry. And most property management companies suck.

[00:03:17] Most of you listening know this is true. You look at your business and you think, “we’re pretty good, but all the other companies suck.” And most property managers I talk to that are starting a property management business. They, I say, “why are you starting a business?” And they say, “I’m an investor, and I’ve tried to use other companies in my market, but they all suck.” The bar is pretty low. The bar is so low in property management that, the phrase “a rising tide raises all ships,” I think a rising tide would just drown several ships. Like I think they would just sink because they’re just sitting on bedrock.

[00:03:48] There’s a lot of bad companies. And there’s a lot of miserable property management business owners. This is not an easy business or industry. I know this is true. I’ve talked to thousands of property managers. I talked to property managers every week that are miserable every week on sales calls. They like get on a call with me and they’re like, “I am not enjoying my business. I am struggling. I’m frustrated,” and it’s because they are trying to wear all the hats or they have team members that are not really making them feel safe, not really taking everything off their plate in particular roles. And so they still have to be involved and wear hats they don’t enjoy it. They don’t want to keep doing so. We help you get your team in alignment. We help you get your ops in alignment. We help you get your profit margin healthy. We are helping our clients crush it. And if you are not adding at least minimum a hundred doors a year, your business is broken. You do not have effective growth. That is not difficult to do. We’ve got clients adding a hundred to 200 to 300. And if any of my clients are listening, if you are not adding at least 100 doors a year, you’re not listening and doing what we tell you to do. So we’ve got clients that are crushing it. The other thing that we do is on the operational side.

[00:05:03] Like, if you keep stopping your growth and adding doors because you’re like “we’ve got a whole bunch of business coming on. And now I got to focus on operations.” You have to stop pausing. And so you have to stop stopping growth in your business. I see this all the time, even with some of our clients, they start growing really rapidly.

[00:05:19] And they’re like, “Oh my gosh, I got to like, stop growing. It’s too much. I’m adding too many doors. It’s getting painful. It’s getting uncomfortable.” If you stop, here’s the challenge, what I’ve seen. What I’ve seen is that if you stop growing right now, you then cannot get things going for at least a quarter or two.

[00:05:36] And then like a sales slump takes about a quarter to get out of. So you lose almost a year of momentum and growth just by stopping growth to focus on ops or to focus on fulfillment or focus on onboarding all these new clients, right? So you have to stop stopping because if you do this, you start growing, it gets uncomfortable and then you stop.

[00:05:57] And then it’s months to a year of growth, and then you start trying to build it up and get growth going again, and then you stop again, I see companies that do this, and what happens is your churn rate starts to match your growth rate, and so you end up with a business where you’ve been stuck at 50 or 60 units for like 3 years, or you’ve been stuck in the 2 to 400 unit range for like 3 years or more, and you can’t figure out how to grow or get ahead.

[00:06:24] And if you aren’t stopping and you’re still stuck at these stages, then your business has some serious leaks in it. And these are so solvable, like on the other side of this, it’s so solvable. You could have such a better life. You could have more time with your family and kids. You could feel like you’re actually making progress and not burning yourself out.

[00:06:46] You could be getting out of the stuff that’s burning you out and you could start to like have a real impact. You can have the day to day that you want to have. This is all doable. You can be miserable in a business with a thousand doors. You can be miserable in a business with 50 doors or 10.

[00:07:05] Sarah: I’m totally overwhelmed. I’m like, “Oh…” 

[00:07:07] Jason: or you could like be having like space and time and taking care of yourself at any stage or level at 50 units or at a thousand plus units. And we need to shift your mindset and build the right business around you. So if you’re dealing with some of these challenges, you’ve been stuck in struggling for a long time, you need to stop doing what I’ve done in the past and being stubborn and thinking you can solve it all on your own.

[00:07:33] If you just watch enough YouTube videos or read enough books or go to enough NARPM conferences, and you think you’ll just figure it out when all you end up doing is heaping more ideas that are just wasting time. And distracting you from what you actually need to do, which you can’t usually even see.

[00:07:51] You need some outside perspective because you’re too close to the fire and you just keep burning yourself. All right. That’s my soapbox. 

[00:07:59] Sarah: There. Yeah. Tell us how you really feel today, would you? Don’t hold back!

[00:08:03] Jason: Don’t be stupid. Get help. 

[00:08:05] Sarah: I was talking to you. 

[00:08:06] Jason: People! Okay. All right. Yeah. And I’ve talked to so many property management business owners over the last decade, even the last week.

[00:08:14] And I get really excited when I talk to people with problems because I know how easy it is for us to help them solve these problems. And if everybody knew how easy it would be for us to help them make progress and get their business moving forward, every property manager be signing up for a mastermind.

[00:08:31] Everyone would because I bet a lot of you are frustrated and not happy there shouldn’t be as many crappy property management businesses in this industry as there are. There just shouldn’t. There’s no need for that. We need to make the industry better. If we make it better, it gets better for everyone.

[00:08:49] If your neighboring property managers all start doing a great job, your business and you start doing a great job, you will get more business. There’s only 30 percent market share roughly. There’s tons of available potential market share. There’s no scarcity. There’s no like, “Oh man, like there’s nobody I could get as clients.”

[00:09:07] There’s none of that. There’s tons of available business, but the bar is so low and property management has such a bad reputation because there’s so many crappy companies because they’re doing stupid stuff that is not helping them grow, have revenue, have profit margin, and they’re making lots of mistakes.

[00:09:24] And because everybody else is doing that, it’s like normal. So it’s not hard to be exceptional in this industry just by doing a decent job. It’s super not hard to be exceptional. Like there are so many companies don’t even answer their phones. There’s so many companies that don’t even communicate with their owners ever.

[00:09:45] There’s so many companies that like don’t even do inspections. There’s so many companies that have their trust accounts, like absolutely mismanaged, right? That it’s so simple and easy. You just need to be accurate and available and you would surpass 90 percent of the property management companies out there.

[00:10:02] And then if you’re one of our clients, we go way beyond that. We then start to make you a really great legitimate business that would be a great business in any industry, right? But in property management, the bar is really low. So if you want to be exceptional and start stealing all the market share and getting lots of business, that’s not hard to do because the bar is so low in almost every single market.

[00:10:23] It’s not difficult to be exceptional. So that’s my message for today. 

[00:10:27] Sarah: So give us a call. If you aren’t happy in your property management business, if you feel like you can be doing less of the day to day, if you feel like you’re overwhelmed and you’re stressed, and maybe you’re just not really in love with this business, we can help.

[00:10:42] Jason: Yeah. If you’re not growing fast enough, there’s something wrong in the business and the problem is probably business owner. It’s probably you. And that’s the thing. Like, we have to take extreme ownership as business owners. We have to recognize that. “Oh, the business is a problem.” If you’re blaming your team, you pick that team, right?

[00:11:01] If you’re blaming your systems, the problem is you pick those systems. If you’re blaming the market, then you’re just making excuses because I’m sure somebody else could crush it in your market. We’ve heard all of the excuses. The only real honest thing that you can do is take ownership. Extreme ownership,

[00:11:18] it’s a great book, read extreme ownership. The problem is you. And if you own that problem, then you can actually change it and solve it. And we’re here to help you do that. And we will help you see that this is all fixable stuff. All right, I think that’s our episode for today. 

[00:11:33] Sarah: All right.

[00:11:34] Jason: Anything you want to add? 

[00:11:35] Sarah: Nope. 

[00:11:36] Jason: Okay, then reach out to us at doorgrow. Check us out at doorgrow. com. Get on a call with me. I want to talk to you. Like if you’re struggling, I will show you how we can help you solve this. And if we can’t, then we won’t take you on as a client. If you’re not coachable, then we won’t take you on as a client.

[00:11:50] Like, but if I can help you, I want to help you. This is what we do every day. I love helping people grow their business and helping change their life. I want you to have a better life. I want you to have more time with your family. I want you to have more money in your bank account. I want you to have the freedom to take vacations and to do things that really matter.

[00:12:09] Life is too short to be in constant suffering and pain and to live for a business that takes ownership of your life. And now you’re like a slave to it, right? The business should be serving you. So let’s get the business serving you instead of you feeling like you’re waking up every day, serving your business.

[00:12:27] All right. Until next time to our mutual growth. Bye everyone.

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Jason Hull

Jason's mission is "to inspire others to love true principles." This means he enjoys digging up gold nuggets of wisdom & sharing them with property managers to help them improve their business. He founded OpenPotion, DoorGrow, & GatherKudos.

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