DGS 211: Partnership Launch of DoorGrow x Rocket Station with Greg Brooks

virtual assistants for property managersDoorGrow recently partnered with Rocket Station VAs, a company that goes above and beyond finding the right virtual assistants for property managers.

Property management growth expert Jason Hull brings back Greg Brooks to talk about the new relationship between DoorGrow and Rocket Station and what’s next for hiring in the property management industry.

You’ll Learn…

[01:45] Why an Operator is the Most Important Hire

[05:02] Rocket Station’s Unique Process Mapping and Training

[12:56] Why You Should Hire Virtual Assistants

[15:11] Vetting and Filtering Hiring Candidates

[21:25] The Kinds of Team Members PMs Need


“One of the big challenges that our clients have is they need operators. Like, this is the most important hire I think that any business will ever make.”

“Most businesses don’t even have a decent operator.”

“A lot of the property managers out there, like if you wanted to map out your processes and systems and you were real operations-driven, you would’ve done it.”

“If you’re listening to this and you are still doing a bunch of stuff and wearing a bunch of hats and you already have a team, you have probably built the wrong team.”


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[00:00:00] Jason: The challenge with operators is in the us, they’re expensive. These operators are usually probably minimum, like maybe 80 grand, and sometimes they want equity, you know, like they’re not affordable to a lot of these property managers that hit that wall at maybe about 150, maybe 200 doors. And so we were like, how can we solve this challenge? And then it was like, well, maybe one of these companies could take VAs and we could find the cream of the crop and find those that could be operators.

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[00:01:06] At DoorGrow, we are on a mission to transform property management business owners and their businesses. We want to transform the industry, eliminate the bs, build awareness, change perception, expand the market, and help the best property management entrepreneurs win. I’m your host property management growth expert, Jason Hull, the founder and CEO of DoorGrow. Now let’s get into the show.

[00:01:28] So returning to the show, I’m hanging out here with Greg Brooks of Rocket Station. Welcome back Greg.

[00:01:35] Greg: Yeah. Thanks so much for having us. I’ll just look and say the last invite to this was almost two months ago to the day, so we’re becoming like a monthly regular. I like it.

[00:01:43] Jason: Cool. We’ll just keep it going. So, we’ve been chatting and one of the big challenges that our clients have is they need operators. Like, this is the most important hire I think that any business will ever make in their business is to get some sort of person that can help them really get the operations going because a visionary CEO does not like dealing with operations. They’re bad at it, and they try to do it, and they’re always telling themselves, I need more processes and I need to do more stuff, and, and they’re just not doing it. And so what we wanted to do is we had this crazy idea, maybe there’d be a company that could do operators, but do it in an affordable way. And the challenge with operators is in the us, they’re expensive. These are people that are beyond the level of what you would normally pay for just a va or even an executive assistant, even if you hired them in the US. These operators are usually probably minimum, like maybe 80 grand, and sometimes they want equity, you know, like they’re not affordable to a lot of these property managers that hit that wall at maybe about 150, maybe 200 doors. Maybe they’re in 300 to 400 doors, somewhere in there. But they need this operator and they don’t have it, and they are in the least profitable stage of their business they will probably ever be in some instances. Because they’ve maxed out on staff, they’ve got all these team members, they built the team incorrectly, and so they have a lot of people that are costing a bunch of money. And so we were like, how can we solve this challenge? And then it was like, well, maybe one of these companies could take VAs and we could find the cream of the crop and find those that could be operators. So that’s, that’s kind of the conversation I think we started to have. Does that sound right?

[00:03:31] Yeah, sounds, sounds accurate.

[00:03:33] So what, what did we come up with? I don’t want to do all the talking so.

[00:03:37] Greg: You’re good. No. So I think the part where we kind of bonded, if you will, between our companies is that that whole process implementation. A. Having someone that can kind of run point on that for you and streamline those processes systems, like that’s a huge gap as you’re trying to hire that operator, right? You got to find someone, find someone who’s affordable and they got to come in and help with the process and systems. So it kind of blended perfectly with how we deliver our services. Because we have a whole team of professionals from the operational standpoint who, you know, help our clients, help our our property management clients go through that thought process and create those documents and create those processes and point out, Hey, why do you do it like this? Did you know your software can automate that? So it blended nicely in terms of that level of expertise. And then when you talk about the cream of the crop, I mean, Obviously, I’m very biased here, but I feel like our, our virtual assistants are the best in the business from the training and the experience and, yeah, really the comprehensive onboarding that we put them through to where DoorGrow members can help leverage our eight years of experience in this space to help with the systems, the processes, the refinement, and then we can put a rockstar VA in there who can jump right into the seat and really be that operator that they need at a much more affordable rate. So it just seemed like how you guys delivered and what you were teaching and the hires and kind of the steps that you, you know, teach to your students, regardless of what level they’re at, really aligned with kind of our philosophy in terms of how to hire VAs and find great talent. And so I think we’re going to knock it out of the park.

[00:05:02] Jason: Yeah, there’s a lot of synergy there. And you kind of breezed over it, but I want listeners, I want people listening to really recognize this, what’s really unique that I found about Rocket Station– and we actually just gave you a client as a Guinea pig. And he just commented in my group coaching call today, he was like, ” they’ve been awesome already so far.” Like he’s really appreciating the process. I think what’s really innovative or unique about what you do is your team will come in and actually start to map out processes in a flowchart, like you’ll start to help them map out their processes. This is something that’s so painful for them to do on their own. I hear it all the time. Like, “oh, well, I need to work on my processes.” Cool, but why are you doing it? And they really, if they were the guy or gal to do it, they would’ve done it by now. Yeah, there’s a reason why they have not done that. And so when you come in and start to do this with them, that’s a game changer for them. And so I love that you do that. Not only that, but we have DoorGrow flow that we launched recently, which is a visual flow chart based software, so similar to like Lucidchart or Vizio or some of these tools. And so, on our last call that you did with our team where we were like sharing with our team what we were going to be doing, we’re like, oh yeah, that’s some other synergy, right?

[00:06:14] So, we are excited to start to get some of your VAs trained in to learn some of our systems, some of our software tools that we have for clients that I think are really new and innovative to the industry. There’s, I don’t know of any other visual flow chart software for processes in the industry like DoorGrow flow, and then your team members can help them to start to get these processes mapped out, documented, but even more so, we want to get this person supported in our program for those that are in our mastermind, in our super system and train this VA that is going to handle operations and be an operations assistant, help them figure out how to run the planning meetings, how to run the cadence for the team communication that meeting structure we call DoorGrow os how to handle some of the hiring pieces. And this allows a very affordable solution and it can all be done through Zoom calls, you know, as a team, which is how I run my company.

[00:07:12] And I think that it’ll be a game changer for the industry because, One, there aren’t operators out there that are really well trained. There aren’t operators out there that already know some of these systems and different property management systems. Most businesses don’t even have a decent operator. And so, one, to get these systems installed and two, to have somebody to do it, that it actually, the right personality fit, culture fit, and skill fit for that role, I think will be a game changer. So now you have your own vetting process. I think we talked about that a little bit on the previous call. Maybe you can share just a little bit for those that weren’t on that or didn’t listen to that podcast interview, like, what’s kind of your process? How does that unique, and then I’d love to share how we’re going to add to that with DoorGrow, another layer to that.

[00:08:00] Greg: Yeah, definitely. And I know from our side, our team, when we announced this partnership, they were like literally salivating, right? They love the process. They see it as like a triple win. It’s like you guys have very structured systems and very, you know, structured teaching, which is great because then when you take that and turn it into processes and act as that resource for the client it makes that synergy where we’re, you know, we’re speaking DoorGrow, right? And we can really be there you know, in line with their journey, regardless of if they’re at, like I said, 20 doors, a hundred doors, 500 doors, wherever they’re at. But then also like the software, like you said, our, I know our team has already started to mess around with flow and, and like they love it. So just being able to speak the same language. Every part of the journey is huge. And then, yeah, our vetting process it’s basically six weeks of comprehensive screening. I know something that I think we talked about in the last podcast, or maybe it was in the conversation with some of your team members, we’re big on, on kind of the three checkpoints, right?

[00:08:52] You got to have the experience, you got to be tested and vetted and evaluated based on your knowledge, based on your tactical and practical skills within property management, and then you’ve also got to be the right culture fit, right? You got to have the right personality to, you know, want to be that operator. Because like you said, a lot of the property managers out there, like if you wanted to map out your processes and systems and you were real operations driven, you would’ve done it. Like most property managers are visionaries and they’ve got big plans, and the day-to-day operations just isn’t what they enjoy, and it isn’t what, you know, gets them up out of bed every morning. So what we’ve done prior to any operator or really any position, right? We staff kind of across the board– is it’s six weeks of comprehensive screening, evaluation and property management specific training. And part of what our team’s really excited about, that we’re literally building as we speak is more DoorGrow specialized training so that, you know, we’ve got eight years of experience in the property management industry working with operators that are 25 doors.

[00:09:52] Two of our largest clients are over 40,000 doors. So like all the scale and the bottlenecks and the little learning points, like we’ve seen it, we’ve done it, we’ve staffed to it. But what we’re excited about is to now really dive in to the DoorGrow platform, whether it’s on the software side, whether it’s on the process side, and really customize that training even further. So from day one that that VA gets into the seat, they’re right there in the thick of it with the property manager to be able to really help and be that operator that assistant, that the business actually needs so they can start taking advantage and scaling quicker than their competitors.

[00:10:25] Jason: So we didn’t talk about this on the previous interview, but our team got to see this. One of the things that really resonated positively about Rocket Station is you guys really are contribution focused and you really have a positive impact with the talent that you have in the Philippines and you’re impacting, you know, things there in the Philippines. Can you just touch on some of the stuff that you do with schools and some of that kind of stuff just real quick?

[00:10:49] Greg: Oh yeah, definitely. And cut me off. I get too long winded here. Usually we’re talking business and talk and shop, and I don’t get to brag on our people and what they do in country. It kind of comes down to how we even deliver the service to. There’s a reason we go through the process mapping, right? Talent is everywhere. It’s global. We now live in a global workforce. Most of the time, property managers aren’t able to really leverage VAs the way we feel like they can. Mm-hmm. Simply cause like there’s no process, there’s no training, there’s no onboarding, there’s no ramp up, there’s no screening process. So that same commitment to set a VA up for success in their business life. We do the same thing with kind of our– we have a program called Rocket Station Cares, where we’re very intentional about monthly doing events in local neighborhoods, in local communities, in the local islands. All of our people are in the Philippines, so a country of 7,000 islands where we give back.

[00:11:35] So I know you guys, what we kind of showed you a little video that that we had done where we had gone to a a school of 2200 students and we had donated not only our time, we did a whole day you know, volunteer effort where we played games with the kids and we we sang songs, but we also donated computers, printers. We donated over 500 tables and chairs to their classrooms because this school was a state funded school that was only supposed to ever house 800 kids. But the need there in that specific area, The population was almost 1500 that were at this school. So we’re very intentional. We’re like you guys. You know, we’re a little bit bigger. We’re about 2200 people all across the Philippines, but we’re fully virtual as well. So like being intentional and realizing like, yeah, all of our people, they want great opportunity. They want a professional atmosphere, they want to work for a great client just like anybody does in their business journey, professional lives, but also being like, Hey, There’s a huge sense of community, a huge sense of camaraderie, and we’re very intentional with getting out into the community and volunteering our time and giving back to their local neighborhoods, their, you know, their local areas. And like I said, the team does it monthly. We go over there, the US side of the business goes over there about four times a year, and we really try to make it a big spectacle. You know, donating money, donating resources, but more importantly, donating our time and getting out there to really give back.

[00:12:56] Jason: So I imagine that’s a bit of a challenge is that a lot of people go get VAs thinking, one, they’re like, I don’t know what the VA could do, but I think we need some help and I want some cheap labor. And then they sometimes treat those people as like second class members of their team and stuff like that. And so I’m sure you run into that, I’m sure. Like you get some clients and you’re like, man, I don’t know if they’re really treating our people right. One of the things I’m really excited about, I hopefully, you know, rocket Station’s excited about this too, is we coach and train all of our clients on creating good culture. Like it’s wired into what we do because I think it’s one of the greatest secrets to us being able to scale businesses. We can get three times the output in a business from staff if there’s good culture. And so we get this stuff really well dialed in with them. And so I would imagine, like, I’m biased probably, but I would imagine that doorGrow will provide some of the best opportunities for, you know, for your VAs to work at through our clients because they’re going to have good culture, they’re going to have strong values and it will allow you to match people that share those similar values. So it’ll be great culture fits. Culture is not something you can create in a person. It’s hardwired, like it comes from their parents, their religion, their experiences, whatever. And so we need to figure out with our clients, we figure out what are their top three or four company core values? We map out a client-centric mission statement. We map out their personal why. We map out their business, why we want the business owner to have strong clarity so we can start to build the team around the business owner. Because we see a lot of businesses come to us and they’ve built a team around the business, and the business owner is doing all the wrong stuff, and you can’t build the right team around the wrong person. And so these business owners that are holding onto and doing a lot of stuff, That they don’t enjoy doing. They are the wrong person. And then they built a team around that wrong person. And so that’s why they have the wrong team. If you’re listening to this and you are still doing a bunch of stuff and wearing a bunch of hats and you already have a team, you have probably built the wrong team. And so, reach out to DoorGrow, we’ll help you clean that up, and then we can get you connected to our collaborative situation here with Rocket Station.

[00:15:11] So you have this six week of you know, taking them through training, making sure you have a process to vet and find the right people. I’m sure figuring out people that their language level of ability in English and all these kind of things, what we want to bring to the table DoorGrow. We have DoorGrow hiring and we have a process for matching people culturally, personality, and skill wise to a particular role. And then we also have this AI assessments platform that we’ve partnered with so that we can vet candidates to see if they have the cognitive ability or the intelligence and the personality traits through this AI assessment to be a really great operator. And so there’s less guessing, and so this will allow us to identify from the candidates that you send over, which ones will be the cream of the crop that will really do a great job as an operator. So we’re super excited about this. And you have plenty of people that we could feed through, I would imagine, and find who’s going to be this great fit for this particular business. And it’ll be far more affordable than 80 grand a year.

[00:16:17] Greg: So yeah, and the DoorGrow students are almost getting double due diligence. Cause like I said, we’re big on that three-point system in terms of how we evaluate, because most say most clients outside of DoorGrow, they don’t really have, it’s like, Hey, let’s go grab a coffee and see if you’re good and I’ll read your resume. Awesome. Hired so they’re getting the typical due diligence that we do already from a personality profiling experience from practical assessments. And then we’re putting the candidates through the DoorGrow hiring platform as well to really niche it down. So, like I said, we definitely have tons of people ready to get going. But we’re, we’re excited to really see it. because I think when you compare what the AI does and the data you guys already collect through your vetting, mixing that with what Rocket Station has, it’s going to be really special in terms of really getting the right, like I said, get the right butts in the right seats. I think we’re really going to be able to do that at super high level. For your team for your, you know members that are really looking for that operator to help springboard the company to the next level.

[00:17:09] Jason: Yeah, and you know, transparently, Rocket Station was not the only VA company we re reached out to. We reached out to several in the industry and we’ve talked to some about this. And you know, there may be some additional ones that we do in the future, but nobody had something as comprehensive that we’ve seen so far as to how you onboard clients. And this makes us feel safe giving our clients over to you. And we’ve actually, like Sarah’s, like I want to do a hire through Rocket Station, so she’s our operator and so she’s been going through it and she thinks it’s a really cool process and she likes that you guys are mapping out processes and asking really good questions. And so there’s a level of depth there rather than just, Hey, do you like this person? And do you like how they sound on this audio recording and like here, like you can pay right now and get them started to work for you. Yeah. As if they’re just some tool that you can throw into your business.

[00:18:01] Greg: Exactly. Unfortunately, a lot of providers in the industry, they’re just placements. It’s just you need someone? I got someone. Here, figure it out, right? Mm-hmm. And I think that’s where we bonded right when we did the podcast and we first kind of connected and started to have kind of exploratory conversations. It was just like, oh, it is more comprehensive from how you guys deliver your services to your clients. It kind of very well meshed with kind of how we just genuinely feel. It’s about setting people up for success. Yeah. And there has to be more that goes into it than just here, here’s someone, let us know how it goes. Call us if it doesn’t work. You know, it’s, it’s someone’s livelihood and we really take that serious and we know the team at DoorGrow does and with your culture so excited to really kind of build that, build that partnership and add to it.

[00:18:41] Jason: Yeah, we’re really excited. So, so for those that are listening people can get VAs through this partnership with Rocket Station and DoorGrow, we will have some landing pages set up. We have our DoorGrow hiring process. If you want to hear more about DoorGrow hiring. Which can be used for, you know, VAs or can be used for getting team members locally and getting the right three fits for your business. Check us out. You can reach out to us at doorgrow.com. Those of our clients that are in the Mastermind, or if you’re interested in joining our mastermind, if you’re in our super system, you get access to this. It’s part of just what we do. It’s included and you get access to DoorGrow flow, our process software. You get access to DoorGrow crm, our sales CRM software that’s next level. You get access to DoorGrow os the planning, cadence and operating system that your operator’s going to help you run the business through. And what else? There’s some other things, but with this, you’re going to have an operator that has the tools and the training because we do a weekly call supporting operators and helping them get these systems installed, helping them get the business moving forward. And so as part of our mastermind, you’ll have this ongoing support to move your business forward and get the operations really well dialed in. And if you have a really good people system, a really good process system, which is, you need something more than just process documentation. You need a system that they are able to use and leverage consistently, and that’s better than just checklists. And then you have a planning system. These three systems will make your business infinitely scalable. You can add doors as fast as you want to. You can do acquisitions, you can you know, go crazy, you can get BDMs and like stack doors like crazy, and your business will not break and your life will actually get easier and better by adding more doors because you have more resources, more support, and you know how to get good people, and you have good processes, and you have good planning system to keep everybody rowing in the right direction and organized. Without those three systems, adding more doors for a lot of y’all will probably just make your life worse. And so we’re really excited to have this partnership with Rocket Station to be able to take our mastermind clients to that next level. So, anything else we should say about this? Greg.

[00:21:00] Greg: Oh, I hope everyone’s as excited as we are. I know we matched today for the announcement as well, so we’re really coordinated. I mean, DoorGrow is on the same page right now, so no, we’re, we’re excited. Like I said, anyone, I know you’ll have landing pages and I’m sure you’ll have links to make sure all your people get routed correctly, kind of into, into the pipeline so that we can kind of get them going and get them set up with operators. But no, we’re excited and if anybody has any questions, I mean, feel free to reach out to us as well.

[00:21:25] Jason: I think the last thing, just to be clear, This is not just for operators though. So, why don’t you just touch on briefly, like what are some of the other roles that some of the property management businesses are getting VAs for? Yeah, definitely. And operators is typically not, historically, I’ve haven’t seen anybody doing that, so this, that might be a little bit innovative and new, but I’m sure there’s, you know, getting a personal executive assistant for the ceo. Which I usually recommend is like the first hire most people should be doing, and I’ve seen people that have no assistant, that have a bunch of team members. So there’s that. And what else?

[00:21:58] Greg: I would say depending on your size and your scale, like an assistant property manager, right? Someone who can kind of field the maintenance, coordinate with vendors, coordinate with your own guys, the billing, the paperwork. Yeah. The one that we’ve seen a lot of our clientele, regardless of size jumping into is the leasing kind of administrative assistant where, I mean, maybe you still are the person that gets out there and is showing the property, but like all the paperwork, the follow up, even just prepping the listing, I mean, those are two really big ones. Yeah. In terms of property management is, has just been incredible the last three years, seeing the evolution kind of through covid and being more virtual. So yeah, if anyone’s out there, obviously the operator position is something very specific to the DoorGrow community that we’re really excited about and we’re going to have a nice, a nice through line to get you the best people quickly. But if you’re just needing staff, whether it’s say on the maintenance, whether it is an executive assistant to give you some more time back in your day, whether it’s on the leasing side, listing management, social media management, reach out because that’s the bread and butter of what almost 2200 of our VAs are staffed out to our clients doing each and every day. And even if you don’t have the process piece fully knocked out your maintenance process, your billing process, Don’t worry, like we are there for you. You’re running a business, you’re running a successful business. What we find is for most people, the processes get stuck in the six inches between our ears. So our team is incredible at flushing that out. We’ll build it all for you and then hire a rockstar to, to jump into the seed and, and take on whatever role, whatever role you need.

[00:23:26] Jason: Cool. Awesome. Well, I’m excited Greg. Thanks for coming on the podcast again, hanging out with me here and for matching my clothing. I appreciate that. Oh, same page. And we’ll be talking soon. So until next time, everybody to our mutual growth, go to DoorGrow.com. Check us out and be sure to check out Rocket Station. Bye everyone.

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