DGS 194: Meet The DoorGrow Team & What’s Coming In 2023 For Property Management Growth

meet the DoorGrow team artworkAt DoorGrow, we have made some MASSIVE changes to our coaches and programs with even more to come!

In this episode, Property Management Growth Expert Jason Hull shares some recent additions and big changes in his life as well as in the business. Meet the DoorGrow Team & discover what’s ahead in 2023 for property management growth.

You’ll Learn…

[01:22] Personal updates from the host

[06:54] Meet the DoorGrow team and what they do

[15:36] The NEW coaches we’re bringing on

[18:07] We cracked the code: the DoorGrow Code

[23:36] PR: the new property management growth hack

[27:26] The DoorGrow SUPER SYSTEM! (5+ systems in one)


“We are definitely not immune to the struggles that entrepreneurs go through.”

“Sometimes there’s just some stuff holding people back, and I find mindset is the best thing that I can help clients within the program.”

“I want to create this community. I want to impact the industry positively.”

“The property management industry has a couple of major challenges at the present. The biggest challenge is the awareness challenge.”


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[00:00:00] Nobody else is doing the stuff at the level that we’re doing. Nobody else has the Avengers team of coaches that we are building. We’re building the best. And then we have our new DoorGrow Super System, which is all these software and coaches and all these different major systems you need to build in your business like the hiring system, the planning system, the process system, your sales system, all these systems we call Super System.

[00:00:25] Jason Hull: Welcome DoorGrow Hackers to the # DoorGrowShow. if you are a property management entrepreneur that wants to add doors, make a difference, increase revenue, help others, impact lives, and you’re interested in growing in business and life, and you’re open to doing things a bit differently then you are a DoorGrow Hacker. DoorGrow Hackers love the opportunities, daily variety, unique challenges and freedom that property management brings. Many in real estate think you’re crazy for doing it. You think they’re crazy for not because you realize that property management is the ultimate, high trust gateway to real estate deals, relationships, and residual income. At DoorGrow, we are on a mission to transform property management business owners and their businesses. We want to transform the industry, eliminate the bs, build awareness, change perception, expand the market, and help the best property management entrepreneurs win. I’m your host property management growth expert, Jason Hull, the founder and CEO of DoorGrow. Now let’s get into the show. 

[00:01:22] So before I go too far, let me just say, I’m going to share some news. So we’ve done some really cool things lately at DoorGrow, and I’ve had some personal changes in my life that I think are really awesome too. So I just got back from Mexico, and I got married while I was there. So Sarah and I– Sarah is the COO and operator of DoorGrow. She was my fiance and now she is my wife. Right? So we got married while we were in Mexico. This was planned, by the way. This was a destination wedding in Cabo San Lucas at a resort, and it was very beautiful, but it was like stressful for us. Really stressful. Like getting married legally in Mexico is a challenge. A lot of people probably don’t do that. They probably just do it in the U.S. Sarah wanted to get married legally in Mexico. And I was on board, but our wedding planner was not equipped to handle that. She normally just does the pretty stuff, ceremonially at the hotel and made the mistake of saying that they could do this and put things off and didn’t listen to us, and the customer service level’s really, really not there. Like poor communication, always putting us off. ” I’m dealing with a bunch of events right now. I’ll help you later. We have it handled. It’ll be great. It was not handled, so we ended up getting the ceremony done, but legally, the whole week after that was supposed to be like honeymoon time was us dealing with the legalities and back and forth between a lawyer, a new wedding coordinator, marriage coordinator– because the first one we basically fired– and like a judge and all this communication, getting everything handled. You have to get a blood test to get married to Mexico, and you have to get your birth certificates translated and apostilled. I didn’t even know what that meant.

[00:03:19] So it was a bit dramatic and a bit stressful and we eventually got it all handled, and there was a lot of stress for Sarah and I leading up to that because we’re doing cool new programs and launching new stuff at DoorGrow, and then we had some like issues with our sales team and like sales not happening because we had a problem with lead generation and stuff like this, and it was just, you know, that’s business. That’s part of business. We are definitely not immune to the struggles that entrepreneurs go through.

[00:03:50] So, and we’ve been making rapid changes in the business. Lots of changes. So I recently launched the DoorGrow Code. Nobody’s done this before. I highly recommend you reach out to my team and get access to one of our recordings of the DoorGrow Code webinar that we just did. It’s really cool. So the DoorGrow code is basically this journey and life cycle of the property management entrepreneur, and it’s how you can collapse time. We cracked the code. This is the code, and how to go from zero to a thousand dollars, if you want to, in three to five years and in as quick of time as possible, and all the different systems and things that you need to get dialed in. And so we’ve built our programs around this so that you can grow your business rapidly. And so our new mastermind is even better than before. It’s not a fit for everybody, but our new mastermind is really awesome, so I highly recommend that you check it out. So now also it is the day before Thanksgiving as we’re doing this recording right now live and, you know, I just, I’m also super grateful. So Sarah and I recently purchased a home, it’s like a million dollar home in Round Rock, Texas, and so it’s on a golf course. It’s beautiful, really nice area. I really like this area. We’re just north of Austin. The downtown area is a little bit too crazy for my taste, but this is more residential and it’s a nice area. We love downtown. We like to go downtown for fun, but we’re like 30 minutes away and we’re out of the crazy. So, and I really like this area, so. Lots of good things. Married, new home, and we’re now fostering a pit bull like a new dog. So, and Sarah’s already got Parker, who’s a pit bull mix. I believe pit bull with a Great Dane is what we’re guessing. It’s a little bit taller than a pit bull, a little bit narrower head, a little bit… beautiful dog. And now we’re fostering this like maybe one, two year old. Dog that is a– we just looked it up– a blue nose brindle pitbull, beautiful dog named Chance. So we’re going to see how that goes. Right now we can’t really get them near each other. They’re both kind of A type personalities and so we’re trying to like, give them treats and get them near each other a little by little and get them used to each other. And so far, it’s going pretty well. It’s going pretty well.

[00:06:15] There hasn’t been any major (growling noises), you know, fights or bites or anything like that, so there hasn’t been any of that yet. So that’s good. But they’re a little bit nervous around each other, and they’re both like kind of high energy dogs. So, so that’s, that’s kind of the stuff that’s going on. So, Thanksgiving tomorrow, I don’t have my kids this Thanksgiving, so it’s a little weird having holidays without the kids.

[00:06:38] I feel like that’s just strange. But I wanted like to talk about just a little bit on this call, just kind of let you know like, what’s going on in my world and let you know that I’m grateful. So I’m really grateful. Life’s good. I’ve got a lot of really awesome blessings. I’ve got an amazing team in the business.

[00:06:57] We’ve got, you know, Ashlee and Giselle over client success. They’re really taking care of our clients, holding their hands, getting them access to all of our different resources and materials. That’s a huge load off my plate. We’ve really put a lot of time and attention into client success. Those that aren’t familiar with client success, it’s not the same as customer support or customer service, which we have a team doing that. Client success is basically in coaching programs, this is the team that keeps track of which clients are doing really well, which ones aren’t showing up to calls, which ones aren’t doing as well, you know, and how can we facilitate things and help them, you know, do well, is the idea. So we’ve also put a lot of attention into optimizing and improving the fulfillment side. For my fulfillment team, which is run by Adam, he’s been with me for… I mean, it’s got to be coming close to a decade now. I don’t know. But Adam’s an amazing team member. He knows how to do just about everything in the business I do to some degree on the technical side and in our billing software and stuff like that. And Adam’s been– he’s phenomenal. And he’s always traveling somewhere else in the world. Super grateful for Ashlee and our new team member, Giselle in client success. Also super grateful for Adam and the entire fulfillment team that he oversees. We’ve got two logo designers. Grateful for you two. They’re a husband and wife team actually. So we ended up bringing one on, and then we brought in the other’s partner, and we’re the world’s leading property management branding and design agency. And it’s because we have really great people that handle that. And so, amazing logos. We’ve done so many rebrands and so many logos. Nobody else has done anything like this in the industry. It’s just nobody else has done this. And so, we’ve rebranded hundreds of companies. We are the world’s leading property management branding agency without question. And we do a great job. 

[00:08:52] And related to that, we also do their websites. We do their print collateral, like the business card designs and yard signs and mailer postcards for direct mail and like all this kind of stuff. And so, really appreciate our design team. We also have web designers. Mike’s been with us for a while. He’s our head developer, coder guy and helps with support and we’ve got Morgan, who’s– two different Morgans on my team: sales Morgan and support Morgan. Support Morgan is male and Canadian, and our sales Morgan is female and here in the US right? Canadian Morgan’s been with me for a long time. Really appreciate him and the support that he is able to provide our clients and he helps with getting, gather, kudos, stuff set up. He helps with support tickets and website changes and things like that. Gosh, and I know I’ll probably leave somebody out, but I’m just really grateful for everybody on my team. We have an amazing team.

[00:09:52] Super grateful for Sarah. Of course. She’s really shifted things throughout the whole business. Operationally, she can see things that I can’t see. She is intuitive. Super intuitive. She just knows things are off either in an area financially and I’m able to bounce all my ideas off of her. She’s really sharp. She’s an INTJ for those that are into Myers Briggs. So she’s a brilliant strategist. And so I really a appreciate having her, of course, in the business as well as romantically and personally, right. So gosh who… I’m going to pull up my team so I just don’t forget anybody that I want to point out here. We’ve got an amazing team at DoorGrow and we are expanding beyond our core team. We’re also bringing in coaches, so I’ll tell you a little bit about that. So it’s no longer just the Jason and Sarah show, where Sarah’s kind of coaching more on the operational side. So that took a big load off my plate with helping property managers implement DoorGrow OS, which is better than EOS and better than Traction and better than all that kind of stuff that’s floating around out there. So she’s really taken ownership of that and helping that. Also, our hiring system is amazing. So we’ve got DoorGrow ATS and DoorGrow Hiring. ATS stands for Applicant Tracking System, which is a system that I built out for getting really good team members. So that you don’t waste time on people that are not a skill fit, culture fit and personality fit, you need all three fits. So we’ve really made a lot of improvements in our systems and in our program and in how we keep track of clients and where they’re at in the process and making sure they’re clear on where they’re at in the process.

[00:11:32] And we’ve got roadmaps and we’ve got checklists and like it’s– we’ve just made so many improvements this year, so I’m just super grateful for the team that supports me and all the stuff that we have going on. I want to point out, you know, my gratitude today.

[00:11:47] Oh man, I’m also really grateful for Madilyn. She goes by Madi now, but Madi’s my daughter and she creates most of the stuff that you see on my social media personally and at DoorGrow on any of our social channels. She creates the video, she edits all our case studies and testimonials. She makes most of the videos that you see on our YouTube channel… reels all this stuff that’s Madi, and she does a great job. We really appreciate her and she just keeps increasing her skillset and it’s really funny, like she’s able to speak in a voice– I did a podcast episode with Madi previously, which some of you all might enjoy. If you’re curious, what’s it like working with dad? You know, she shares her perspective about me on that podcast episode. That was fun. And, who have I not mentioned? Brittany. Brittany was originally my assistant. Now she just helps with like podcast setups and like some billing stuff and things like this because she wanted to focus on being more of a mom and adopting kids. Still appreciate Britney, she operates, you know, kind of quietly in the background, just consistently getting stuff done.

[00:12:50] We’ve also got Kyle. I’m grateful for the marketing ideas and lead generation ideas that he’s brought to the table that’s really helped move us to the level that we’re at now. And we are also bringing on a new kind of fractional director over marketing that’s really sharp named Amara. So Amara, you know, shout out to you. We appreciate you as well. We’re really excited to see the new stuff that you’re helping us implement and getting us shifted into. And we’re getting set up on HubSpot, y’all. So we’re getting that set up and so we have better tracking internally, but I don’t recommend that for property managers. There’s better like CRMs I think for property managers, one of which we’re developing, which is coming, which is DoorGrow CRM. Pretty awesome. Really excited about that. Has like landing pages and text message automation and like voicemail drops and all sorts of cool stuff that you’re just not experiencing with any other CRM in the property management space right now. And we will be building out and optimizing stuff so that we have some preset stuff that’s really going to help you grow your business. So we brought in a coach that’s helping us with that, John Chin, who’s one of our clients, but he actually took some of the stuff that we’re doing that we teach related to getting partners that refer and introduce you to investors. He’s put that on steroids with leveraging these systems, and so we’re really excited to have him help out with coaching clients now as well. So anyway, I get excited about our offer and our product but. 

[00:14:25] Grateful for Vin. He’s our web designer. He does great work creating our SeedSites. We still call them SeedSites, our designs. And I mentioned our logo designers, that’s Grace and Raymond. So really appreciate them. Raymond does amazing work and we’re really excited that we now have brought Grace on board. And then, who else have I not mentioned by name? I mentioned Giselle. She’s brand new, really helping out Ashlee and client success, and Ashlee’s having a baby. So congrats to Ashlee on the team. So really appreciate Ashlee. Brought her home for client success. She used to work in like a convalescent hospital, I think, or nursing home– nursing homes or whatever. And she’d set up programs and create community and connection. We’re like, you’d be perfect for this. And she really was. She’s been a great fit. So we’ve just got such an awesome team. Really appreciate everybody on the team. We’ve also got Jane and Justin. They’re our setters. So they do a lot of the follow up and outreach and nurture and stuff like that. 

[00:15:25] Key point or like what I’m trying to share, I guess, is that I’m really grateful, super grateful for our team. I’m also really excited and grateful for the extension to our team. Now we’re bringing in experts, people that have been really seasoned experts in the industry. We’ve got experts that have come from channels like Home River Group, and they’re really amazing at acquisitions. We’ve got experts coming in that, like Errol Allen, who is going to be working with our clients on process documentation. He’s kind of the expert at this. We’ve got Jo Olivery, who’s in Australia, expert at systems and is Disney certified, which I guess is a big deal in operations. So we’ve got her coming on board as a coach and we’ve got Roya Mattis. She’s a really brilliant, amazing, intuitive mindset coach. Really helping people deal with issues that are holding them back. Sometimes there’s just some stuff holding people back, and I find mindset is the best thing that I can help clients with in the program. And usually all the coaching and stuff that we do, whether it comes to operations or sales or whatever– When I ask clients, “what’s the best thing you’ve gotten out of the program?” a lot of times I would hear “mindset.” And I always thought that was so weird. It’s the mindset. Really mindset– it’s throughout everything that we do, and we brought in a mindset coach who’s really like helped us identify some cool things. She works with me personally, works with Sarah personally.

[00:16:51] She just did an amazing training on the basic needs, and I realized my basic need is like, love and belonging. That’s why I do what I do. I want to like benefit people. I want to create this community. I want to impact the industry positively. Sarah’s basic need is power and achievement. She wants to accomplish stuff and get stuff done, and that works really great having an operator that helps facilitate that stuff in the business. She’s always looking for how can we like level up clients and level up things. And so we both have this drive and motivation to benefit our clients from different perspectives. Right. Which is really helpful. Anyway, and I know there’s, there’s probably some, there’s other coaches that we’re bringing on that I’m probably missing, but yeah, we’re always adding more coaches. And if you’re listening, if you feel like you’re like one of the best in the industry, we want the best. If you feel like you’re one of the best, you want to be part of this mastermind and, you know, get paid well to invest some of your time towards DoorGrow and work with some of the best clients, really the best people in the industry. Our clients are so growth-minded, like positive mindset, like they’re high functioning, like we have some amazing clients ranging through our DoorGrow code from white belts up to black belts. We’ve got these different belts and black belts are like a thousand door plus. And then white belts are they’ve got their first door, right? So. We also launched the DoorGrow Code, which I mentioned. The DoorGrow Code shows these different stages. It helps you know exactly like what’s that secret question that you have in the back of your head that’s holding you back and like, what are the problems you’re dealing with right now?

[00:18:20] What do you need to stop doing in order to get to that next belt level or that next level of growth? This really is a mindset shift for people when they just see this. You can identify quickly where you’re at, how many doors you’re at, what your revenue is, and very clearly see what you need to do, and you can even look at previous stages and go, “oh, I didn’t do those things. That’s why I can’t move forward. I’m kind of tethered to this belt level way back here that I didn’t solve that problem. That’s why I’m so frustrated with my team or why I’m so frustrated and I can’t get to that next level. That’s why I’m stuck at 50 or 60 doors and can’t break that a hundred door barrier. That’s why I’m stuck in the 200 to 400 door range, and I’ll never be able to break that 600 door barrier and get to being that red belt.” Right? So I recommend: reach out to our team and check out our new programs. I think it’s really awesome. 

[00:19:11] This is a lot more of an informal episode, if you can’t tell. I just wanted to share gratitude, tell you kind of what we’re up to at DoorGrow. We’re going to be launching a DoorGrow process software. It’s very different than what else is in the industry, so it’s going to be very visual, like Vizio or like a flow chart. And Errol Allen’s going to be helping me, you know, build out some of these processes, but I said, “how do you usually build out processes?” “Like I build it out in this sort of Vizio like software. It’s very visual, and then I have to translate it or help clients translate this into something like Process Street where it’s linear,” which is what our team’s been using. Or “then I have to translate it into like Lead Simple or some sort of process system. But the challenge with those systems is that you can create maybe context sensitive stuff, but in a linear to-do sort of list, you don’t have branches very easily. It becomes difficult, but on a visual flow chart, that’s very easy to do. You can say: “ask a question, do they have pets?” Cool. If they have pets, we need to do all of this stuff and go down this route, and do they not have pets or are they service animals? So maybe there’s like three options and you have different criteria and different things to do, but some of these might converge, right? Service animals and pets, there might be some similar things you need to do in this flow chart. So this is where processes can be really complicated and you want to map it out visually, but then you have to like take this visual map. Wouldn’t it be great if you just had a visual map and that was the actual process? So that’s something that we’re working on as well. And I mentioned DoorGrow Flow, which is that software. I mentioned, DoorGrow CRM, and we’ve already got DoorGrow OS, the best operating system, strategic planning software in the industry. And we already have DoorGrow ATS best hiring process and system in the industry, completely customizable and tailorable to your business. We also have partnered with an ai assessments company. And so these AI assessments are really good at helping to identify those three fits. I mean, we used to use like disk assessments, and we used to use, Myers Briggs and like Wonder Lick and all, like some of you use predictive index and so some of these tests are cognitive, some of them are conative. All these different tests to try and figure out: are they going to be a good personality fit. Are they a skill fit? Do they have the intelligence level to be great? Are they going to be a culture fit, like with our values? And so this AI assessment tool helped us to eliminate that for all those different assessments and it’s proven to be accurate. That’s how we got my– oh my gosh. I didn’t mention Mar or Maricella. Mar is my assistant. Mar, I love you so much. She has taken over our event planning. Grateful for Mar, she’s amazing. She like, has done our last two DoorGrow Lives and made them work and they worked really well. Clients had an amazing experience. We did one in Austin and then we did one in Vegas. We’re going to continue to do them in the Austin area. But we’re really excited. She’s already been working on the one that we’re doing in May. Y’all should be at this event. It is going to be awesome. And we’ve got all these new programs. Gosh, there’s just so much. But anyway, we’ve got news, so thank you, Mar. I’m really grateful for you. She’s actually the one that makes me a lot less crazy, a lot less all over the place and meets with me on a daily basis to make sure I’m being taken care of. Gets my, you know, haircut appointments scheduled, gets my float sessions booked, makes sure I’m like getting my Krav Maga like things set, you know, for martial arts. And she helps with travel and she’s also our event planner for our events and she’s doing a phenomenal job at all this stuff. And so we just keep adding more to her plate because she’s just so good at everything.

[00:23:08] I mentioned our DoorGrow hiring system. Super cool. That’s how we got Mar. We used that on our entire team. We vetted our entire team and it proved that all of them are highly intelligent. Also proves that all of them are really good for their role. And our really good culture and skill fits, and it’s been proven to be very effective with some of our clients that were our initial Guinea pigs going through this. So we’ve coupled that with DoorGrow ATS and that’s DoorGrow hiring. Really awesome system. We are also going to be bringing on a PR coach. I’m kind of cat out of the bag, but we’ve got three candidates that we’re working on right now and they all have over a decade of experience helping local, small businesses grow and scale their businesses through public relations, which I think is going to be the next level thing for this industry. It’s the new opportunity for growth. The property management industry has a couple major challenges at the present. The biggest challenge is the awareness challenge. Most people that could be working with property managers are not because they’re not really aware of property management. After the awareness challenge, the next big hurdle is the perception challenge. That’s what steals most of the rest of the market share away. Out of those that are aware, a lot of them believe property management and property managers are bad or not good or are shitty and it’s a well deserved perception. Most property managers suck. Though there’s a lot of bad property managers out there or management companies. And I don’t believe they intend to be bad. I believe that’s what happens when they price themselves like everybody else at 10% or less, or they do flat fees like everybody else that’s not doing a percentage.

[00:24:51] They have bad pricing. They’re not getting paid well enough. They don’t have the right culture in their business, so they don’t have good team members. They are micromanaging their staff, trying to micromanage them through tasks based systems like Asana and Monday and Process Street and Lead Simple. And so they don’t have amazing team members that they can trust to think and make decisions and their team members– is in the DoorGrow code, by the way– they’re frustrated, like, “why can’t my team members just do what I ask them to do? That’s one of the big questions that you have in that usually around the 300 door stage. But these are the things that we help solve at DoorGrow. So PR is a new opportunity because what it does, public relations or pr– Well, let me start with this. So just so you understand this, there are two main channels when it comes to creating awareness and we call this main awareness channel marketing. And there’s two pieces to marketing. There’s two pieces to marketing. You learn this in marketing 101. There’s advertising and there is PR. Advertising mistakenly is used to try and grow businesses a lot of times. But really what actually has had the most success in growing companies historically is not advertising, it’s PR. PR is what builds awareness and creates brands and helps them get market share while advertising historically and typically only helps them retain the market, share that PR created. Coca-Cola, for example, was built originally through pr, and PR is a lot less expensive than advertising. The first iPhone and Apple’s rise to fame was all basically PR. People were talking about it. Lots of buzz. Not very expensive when it comes to advertising, but advertising is used by Coca-Cola to keep their market share aggressively in the cola industry, for example. And so most people though, in the property management space are trying to use advertising mistakenly, which allows you to target the people that are looking for property management. But the search volume is really low, and there’s very few people that are actually looking for it. And so our growth strategies for clients are in the blue Ocean. We’re really great at helping clients create new market share and expand the industry and build that awareness. PR is kind of that next level, so we’re bringing in a PR expert, doing some cool things in the PR side of things also with DoorGrow to promote the industry and benefit the property management industry. 

[00:27:21] So that’s something that’s coming down as well. You heard it here first, right? So these are some of the cool things that we’re innovating and doing at DoorGrow. Nobody else is doing the stuff at the level that we’re doing. Nobody else has the Avengers team of coaches that we are building. We’re building the best. And then we have our new DoorGrow Super System, which is all these software and coaches and all these different major systems you need to build in your business like the hiring system, the planning system, the process system, your sales system, all these systems we call Super System, the DoorGrow Super System. It’s the system of systems. So we’re helping to build that out with clients as well. And also a growth acquisition engine for acquiring other companies. We’re building the ultimate system of systems for property managers, so our clients are going to be the fastest growing in the industry, and we’re taking people from small businesses to helping them grow as large as they want. And we’re doing this based on my foundational principle– you’ve heard me talk about this on many calls before of the Four Reasons. So we’re not just growing for growth’s sake, we’re growing so that as you grow and scale, you do this in a way that you get more fulfillment out of your day-to-day, you feel more freedom, and you get more of a sense of contribution that you’re making a difference in the world, living your best life, contributing in your best way that you were designed to do, and you’re getting more support from your team. This is the four reasons for starting a business. Most people think they just want to make more money. However, what you really want are those four reasons, because that’s really what you’re hoping money will give you. You can make more money and not get those four things. So we are doing all of this stuff to help our entrepreneur clients not be property managers, and instead be entrepreneurs that maybe hire property managers and do property management, but getting you out of the stuff that doesn’t give you freedom or fulfillment or sense of contribution and making sure that you have a business and a team that really makes you feel supported. And we are building the team and the systems that really will make you feel supported in our program.

[00:29:28] And our program is less than it cost even a single team member. And you’re getting access to all of this stuff. All the software included, the website, hostings included, GatherKudos, our reputation software included, all the different software tools that we are launching or that we have currently are all included as part of our mastermind. And then we also have been stacking bonuses. So I’m sure my competitors are like, listening to this, and they’re like, “I got to start doing all this stuff.” But one of the things that we’ve been doing is we’ve negotiated with some of the top vendors. My goal is to reach out to all the top vendors in the industry and get a best-in-class discount. I’ve negotiated this because our clients are high growth and they’re adding doors quickly. Vendors love our clients. We’ve negotiated with some of the coolest tools and systems in the industry, best in class discounts. Discounts that they agreed would be better than anything else they offer to NARPM or anyone else. And some of these are stackable discounts. For example, like Tenant Turner and Easy Repair Hotline. And ourpetpolicy.com and Levo Secure, really cool software. We’ve got a list and I’m constantly stacking more. If you feel like you’re one of the best vendors and you want access to our clients and you want a stamp of approval from DoorGrow. We want the best-in-class discount, and it’s just as long as they’re members of our mastermind, they leave the mastermind, they lose all these bonuses and discounts. But reach out to me if you feel like you’re the best in the category. We’ve got Z inspector. Sorry if I’m missing you, if you’re a vendor. We’ve got Virtually Incredible. We’re getting the best of the best and stacking these bonuses and discounts for our clients. So it just makes the program a no-brainer to like be in because you’re saving more money, making more money, and it’s less than like a part-time team member to be part of our program on a monthly basis. 

[00:31:25] So anyway I think that’s about all I’m going to talk about today. So I appreciate you hanging out with me. I know this is a bit informal. You got a little bit of a picture of like what’s going on at DoorGrow some of the new innovations. You’ve heard a little bit about my team that I’m super grateful for. I think a lot of people mistakenly think it’s the Jason Show. It’s definitely not the Jason show, and as soon as I can, like my goal is to exit as many pieces of the business as possible so I can really just focus on the stuff that I really, really enjoy more and more fulfillment and freedom for myself as well. And I really love getting to do what I get to do. I like innovating. I like coming up with ideas. We’re in some of the best– my team and myself are in some of the best coaching and mentoring programs that exist out there. We are in Masterminds as well, and Sarah and I are constantly taking trips to these different events, masterminds. We’re in usually at least three major ones at a time. We spend at DoorGrow over six figures annually just on coaches, mentors, and programs. You get access to this knowledge that we are constantly curating and improving upon and bringing in. And that’s one of my skills and genius I feel, is I’m able to take ideas from other coaches, other things, programs, I’m able to improve upon them, package them together in a better way, and then we’re able to benefit our clients and so you get access to some really good stuff as part of our program. 

[00:32:51] So anyway, with that, I’m going to go ahead and end today’s podcast episode. Until next time to our mutual growth, everybody. Check us out at doorgrow.com. If you’re new to us or not yet working with us, and you’ve been sitting on the fence, now’s the time. And also, if anything I ever say on this podcast is helpful, please leave us a positive review or feedback or something somewhere online. It really means a lot to us. And until next time, to our mutual growth. Bye, everyone. 

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[00:33:47] Jason Hull: At DoorGrow, we solve your biggest challenge: getting deals and growing your business. Find out more at doorgrow.com. Find any show notes or links from today’s episode on our blog doorgrow.com, and to get notified of future events and news subscribe to our newsletter at doorgrow.com/subscribe. Until next time, take what you learn and start DoorGrow Hacking your business and your life.

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