DGS 11: Smart Drugs with Jameson Brandon

Learn from mental-performance life-hacker, Jameson Brandon how you can get a mental edge and dramatically increase your productivity with Smart Drugs. Tired of burning out in the early afternoon? Or going home a tapped out zombie with nothing left in your mental tank to give to your family? Want to feel “Limitless” like the movie or TV show? Listen. My personal productivity has skyrocketed.

You’ll Learn

[3:10] What are Smart Drugs?
[3:34] The movie “Limitless” – is it possible?
[7:49] Various names for smart drugs and various types.
[8:41] How some nutraceuticals have been studied and used for thousands of years
[8:58] Racetams created in the 60s
[9:13] Entrepreneurs challenge – Shiny object syndrome
[11:09] Our brain normally can only make so many decisions per day and then we get brain fatigue.
[12:56] What would be the best place to start?
[13:25] How to kill coffee caffeine jitters and crash with an amino acid
[14:36] A natural drink combo for energy and focus
[15:46] Plant-based natural nutraceuticals
[17:55] Stress reduction and choline
[20:16] Are these addictive?
[21:36] Testing to validate what actually works
[22:44] Powerful short-term and long-term memory recall
[25:11] The stronger stuff you can add in next – Racetams
[31:03] The best Racetam to start with and where to get it
[31:46] Feeling Superhuman and how confidence is created through evidence
[36:11] Increasing the effects with some lifestyle changes like meditation and a schedule
[43:56] My experimentation since the original interview


Your brain only has enough fuel to get through part of the day. Smart drug supplements feed your brain.


Ciltep – https://doorgrow.com/go/natural-stacks/
Brain Labs Pro – http://www.mindlabpro.com/
Jameson’s Free Book: http://optimizingman.com/pptsd


Jason: Welcome. If this is your first time listening, then thanks for coming. The DoorGrow Show is a podcast for residential property management entrepreneurs that are interested in growing their business and life. If that is you, be sure to subscribe and rate us in iTunes and join your fellow DoorGrow Hackers online at doorgrowclub.com, our free community for property management entrepreneurs. I’m your host, Jason Hull, the founder of OpenPotion, GatherKudos and of course, DoorGrow. Now, let’s get into the show.

This is episode number 11 of the DoorGrow Show and we’re going to be talking with Jameson Brandon on the topic of Smart Drugs. What are Smart Drugs? You’re going to find out. What they are is a way to get a mental edge, stay sharp throughout the day.

After the interview here with Jameson Brandon, I’d share my post interview experiences delving with some of these things myself. I think you’re really going to enjoy this really interesting topic. Just listen to it.

I’m Jason Hull and I’m hanging out here with Jameson Brandon who I discovered through a PDF that looked pretty interesting about basically getting an edge with Smart Drugs. I’m excited to have you here, Jameson. Tell us a little bit about why people should even care about what you have to say or why they should trust you to know about this stuff.

Jameson: Because we are all driven by fear. Thinking that we can get an edge by using the littlest thing, we’ll do it. That’s why you should listen. Besides that, I’ve got over 10 years personally dealing with being diagnosed with ADHD. Obviously, having issues with focus. Most people don’t really accomplish much in a business world when it comes to dealing with lack of focus and clarity. I’ve been able to accomplish quite a bit. I think I got a cool story and I got a lot to share about Smart Drugs. That’s why people should continue to listen.

Jason: Exciting. Jameson, there are all these words in your PDF and everything that I was reading that really were new to me. Introduce people to what are Smart Drugs. What are these?

Jameson: Smart Drugs, quite simply, are cognitive enhancers. They help us with short term and long term memory. They help us with recall. They help us with retention and they help us with our ability to focus.

Jason: It sounds good. Have you seen the movie Limitless? I saw the movie Limitless and I was like, “This is amazing. Who on the planet wouldn’t want to have this ability?” The character on the movie takes some sort of drug and then he becomes this superhuman thinker. He’s able to pick up things, remember things, retain things, even do martial arts that he saw in movies years ago. He does all this crazy stuff and he’s taking over the world.

I saw this and I was like, “That would be so great. How powerful would it be if I could just have a slight mental edge over my competitors, if I had a slight edge over the people around me? What if my thinking were crisp, sharp? I knew what to do.” This sort of idea. Now, I’m sure the movie is an exaggeration of what’s possible right now in the marketplace, but there’s probably some ability to have some edge. How real is that? What’s the reality?

Jameson: I feel like its very real. Even matching the level of recall that the character had, I do believe it’s possible. Is it possible from just the substance alone? No, it’s going to take other things. But here’s the cool thing about it. It’s a doorway or a gateway substance to more clarity and to these advanced levels that you saw the character, like him, get into.

Is it possible to become a character like in Limitless? I absolutely believe that that it is. Would that occur from just taking a substance? No. You would need other things to go along with it, but as I was saying, it’s a gateway or doorway into a greater deeper level of confidence. It’s like when you know that you can remember things and you don’t need to write things down or somebody just shouts a phone number at you, even little things like that are little dopamine hits that boost up your confidence. Once confidence starts to get boosted up, naturally, you turn into a more resolute character. Your inner confidence grows as your outer abilities grow. I do believe that that type of character is possible. Would it be like I take this pill and I’m all of a sudden Bradley Cooper in limitless? No.

Jason: Okay. What did you first notice when you first started taking your first Smart Drug?

Jameson: One of the common things with ADD and ADHD is that you have a million things going on in your head. You have a million thoughts. It’s like a constant stream in download of ideas and inspiration. Most people don’t really know what’s going on and after awhile, you start devalue those things, but it doesn’t stop it from happening.

The biggest thing I saw right out of the gate from probably the minute that it kicked in, the very first substance that I tried, as soon as it kicked in, the ability to take a thread, like an idea or thought in my mind and just run that all the way through to conclusion became readily available.

This goes beyond ADD and all that too, like learning disorders. Your average person, they still are able to grab a thread or a thought and run with it, but even then, the details and the amount and the depth of focus that they’re able to have isn’t as much as you should get with Nootropics. Nootropics opens up that possibility to be able to have infinite clarity on what you get.

Jason: What is a Nootropic? That’s a new word for me and I’m sure for a lot of people listening or watching. What is Nootropics? What does that mean?

Jameson: Let’s throw all the words out there. It’s called Nootropics. It’s called Smart Drugs, cognitive enhancers, brain drugs, and probably 50 other things. They all mean the same thing. There is natural substances that when taken have a cognitive effect and there’s pharmaceutical base. We have natural and pharmaceutical based substances. Good thing is and the cool thing is, is most of these have been studied for a very long time. Those are what we’re talking about when we speak of Nootropics.

Jason: How long is a very long time? Give us an idea.

Jameson: Thousands of years. A Bacopa is a natural Nootropics or a nutraceutical, it’s called. It’s been researched and studied since, I believe one of the original China or Japan dynasties. We’re talking thousands of years. Aniracetam, which is a pharmaceutical based substance, has been studied since the 60’s. The very first Racetam, which is created in a lab, it’s not a natural thing, was created in the 60’s and been researched since then.

Jason: Interesting. A very difficult thing for entrepreneur personality types is shiny object syndrome. We hear about that all of the time. We’re not able to get things done because we have so many ideas. Every entrepreneur that I know has 100 business ideas, 100 directions they could go in for each one, and there’s a million things like right now, I’m thinking I could list build, I could do this, I could create funnels, websites, I need to create one time offer. All of these things and we get really overwhelmed and really crazy. I find that I’m not moving. I’m not going anywhere. I feel like I’m spinning my wheels. What you are talking about, being able to focus on one thread to completion, sounds pretty great. It sounds like a powerful difference.

Jameson: Again, it’s a doorway. I don’t know the significance to this because I haven’t interviewed hundreds of thousands of millions of people. There are almost 7.3 billion people on the planet so I don’t know if every body deals with the same thing that somebody that’s been diagnosed with ADD deals with. But having all those things hit you. Ideas, concept, directions to go, and options. It’s like showing up to a restaurant and having 3000 different foods on the menu. What do you pick? Especially if they have pictures on all of them. My God, I’d have 10 main dishes.

That I think is natural or common to a certain degree with everybody on the planet. The depth and other pieces of it I’m sure are different between individuals. But being able to follow one thread through to completion is so empowering because what happens is first and foremost, we’re only able to have a certain amount of decisions. We are only capable of a certain amount of decisions per day.

Scientists believe that it’s about 60,000. I think it’s a little more than that. If we can only make 60,000 decisions in a day, that means capacity wise in our brain, we’re going to deplete out by midafternoon probably depending on what type of person you are. Which is why some people will go through an experience of not really being able to determine what they want to have for something simple like dinner. What should I wear out to dinner. When those easy decisions become hard, that’s when you can pretty much assume that you’ve hit your limit in terms of brain fatigue. That brain fatigue, if it’s happening every single day then it’s happening with an entire concept or an entire direction that you are trying to move at.

Just think of how limited we actually are as an individual. If per day we are hitting our max or capacity around [2:00]PM, [3:00]PM, which again, most people have post lunch crash and they get the afternoon sleepies to where they need a nap in the afternoon. That’s very common now. So much so to where like five hour energy makes commercials. 10 years ago, nobody was really talking about that. This limitations that we all have are very serious things.

Jason: I think some people wake up in the morning and then get stuck in analysis paralysis thinking about all the things they should do for their morning like should I work out? Should I eat healthy? Some people just look in their refrigerator and they’re stuck or they look in the pantry and they’re like, “What do I eat?” They’re just freaking out.

Let’s talk about Nootropics. Where is the place to start? If somebody’s just getting started, what would be your first recommendation to go to? What’s basic foundation, just getting started?

Jameson: Basic and foundation? I really want to start in basic basic. Everybody’s pretty much had a coffee for the most part. You know what that causes. That causes a two to three hour roller coaster ride and then you start to fizzle out, sometimes crash, depending on the amount of milk, cream, sugar that’s added to it.

Where you could start is you could start with coffee but eliminate the jitters. Most people don’t know this but L-theanine, which is a natural branched chain amino acid. You can get it in Walgreens. You can get it over the counter anywhere. 200 milligrams of L-theanine with a cup of coffee will almost completely eliminate the jitters.

That right there would be a great place to start because what that’s giving you is that’s giving you pure, clean, mental cognitive uptake. That’s it. There’s no crash. There’s no reactivity, aggression and jitters that come along with that. Most of this stuff, it’s like, who came up with this? 200 milligrams with a cup of coffee.

Jason: Great, alright.

Jameson: I’m super sensitive to caffeine. Coffee really does it to me for some reason. That right there was where I started. Let’s talk about the next step. The next step would be something that already has it built in. Yerba mate and matcha green tea mixed together is incredibly powerful. It already has L-theanine in it.

Green tea naturally has that amino acid combined in the plant. That’s why when you drink green tea, you get really good cognitive uptake but you don’t really get the jitters. When you combine that with your Yerba mate, which has been used in mostly far East like China, Japan, Asia for probably at least 1000 years, they used to take it. Monks used to take Yerba mate to stay up all night so that they could meditate. Very powerful substance.

Jason: Alright. That would be a better drink than doing coffee then.

Jameson: If you don’t like coffee or you don’t want to mess with going and buying L-theanine, just go get Yerba mate and matcha green tea. Blend it together. Use a percolator, cold press, whatever you using and do a couple of that in the morning on an empty stomach.

Jason: Cool. Alright. What’s next then?

Jameson: What would be next would be actually to get into natural Nootropics or what are called nutraceuticals. Now, this means that these are being derived from plants and herbs and things like that. They’re not being created in a lab. The pill might be assembled in a lab to put it in a bottle to get it to you, but the most part is very natural. That’s the next place that I would jump into. That would be one of three products.

Natural Stacks makes the first one that I recommend, which is called Ciltep. It’s an artichoke based blend, deals with uptake. Your ATP is affected by this. It deals with you long term potentiality, which is called LTP. It deals with your perception and your color is immediately brought up. It has a very good euphoric feel to it. Dopamine is affected by this so dopamine is a big precursor to feeling good and again cognitive uptakes. I’d start with that product.

Jason: Nice.

Jameson: There are three products. Ciltep is the one I recommend the most because what naturally happens is your brain, your body gets adapted to things. You do the same work out for too long in a row, you’ll get used to it. You eat the same foods, you get used to it. It’s the same thing with these. Ciltep is the one product that I noticed I could consistently take. 30, 60, 90 days, etc. I really didn’t start to pattern it in any sort of way. It didn’t lose its effectiveness. It didn’t turn into this mundane thing. It continually just delivered. That’s very important.

Jason: The benefits of Ciltep, you mentioned. I want to tackle one other issue. Another issue that a lot of people have isn’t just fatigue, mental fatigue, and getting tired, but also stress.

Jameson: Stress creates free radicals in the brain. Free radicals take away from focus and cognitive performance. An important thing to mention is Ciltep and the other two products which I’ll mention in a minute, they have what’s called citicoline inside of them. About 99% of the population don’t have enough. They’re lacking. Deficient. There we go. They’re deficient in choline and this is found in everything. It’s found in foods, meats, your vegetables. All has it but in very low amounts.

Most people are low on this to begin with. When you start to add in too much decision making, maybe other poor choices, and diet like wheat, gluten, maybe there’s a higher effect in that person to those substances and you start to see that lower and lower and lower.

A lot of the fog and fatigue comes just from low level of choline. Citicoline or Alpha-GPC are two substances that again, are natural, they’re nutraceuticals, that provide this. That’s something that would help somebody that’s dealing with that.

The two next products I was going to mention, we might as well just get these out there, is Alpha Brain by a company called Onnit. And then Maven Labs creates a product called BrainStack. They are almost identical in their ingredients. BrainStack is a little bit cheaper, Alpha Brain is a little bit more money. They’re both about 30 day supply and these have citicoline or Alpha-GPC already in them. Very, very important because that’s a precursor to dopamine once again.

Dopamine is one of the big things that we’re looking for here. Dopamine is that feeling of feeling good, euphoric. Also, love is associated with dopamine, which is why when you eat a piece of chocolate because it has raw cocoa in it, it is high in PEA. PEA triggers dopamine. That’s why people have that love like feeling.

Jason: I love dark chocolate. I feel good when I eat dark chocolate.

Jameson: You feel like euphoric.

Jason: Are these things addictive? Some people might be wondering about that.

Jameson: I think anything is addictive. I think that’s a great question and here’s why I think that you start to foot print the addiction itself. Is the substance addictive? No. The only ones that are are a few of the pharmaceuticals. Adderall and Modafinil actually do have addictive tendencies built into the product itself because of what they affect. We’ll talk more about that.

Nutraceuticals, natural Nootropics, no, not really. What you would start to footprint as an addiction though, is the feeling that you get. What you start to do is you start to chase the high. Just like a drug, just like any other substance. That feeling that you get, that maybe it just happened the first time that you did it or the first time that you went through it and maybe you’re just chasing that first time feeling again or every time you take it you get that feeling so you’re chasing that feeling.

Jason: Okay, what you’ve told us about so far. We’re going to be less stressed. We’re going to have better mental faculties. We’re going to be able to deal with things throughout the day longer. We’re going to have less mental fatigue, less fog. This is sounding pretty good. What’s next then? Sounds like that keeps going. How deep is this rabbit hole?

Jameson: It does. There’s really no end to it. I’ve been using the substances now for five years, I want to say. Very aggressive experimentation because I want to quantify the result. A lot of times, people, with fitness and weightloss, going the gym, what’s the quantitative result? Why I lose weight? I look better. Now, even if you eliminated all the how I feel stuff, you would physically in mirror be able to see a difference.

Jason: Results don’t lie.

Jameson: Exactly. The first time I have taken this stuff, it was like tons of case studies. Personal stories that you can find all over the internet forums, YouTube videos and now, Nootropics is really blowing up. It’s like you have all this information and unfortunately, a lot of this information that becomes hard to distinguish.

What does this is actually do? Does this work? That was a big piece for me because even going back a few years ago like, forums were field with people that were like, “Oh man, I’m taking 8 grams of this and 2 grams of that.” It’s just like, Time out. What is that actually doing? What you should notice right out of the gates is a deeper ability to be able to focus. Like I said, take a strand of thought and run with that thing until it’s done. That should be some very obvious surface level examples of it.

But as you start to take these longer, the thing that I started to notice is my recall was incredible and my recall towards things that I don’t even really remember doing, it’s like I knew that I knew these things but I don’t remember where I learned them from. Being able to tap into things that you learned in the past, even if that was like in the movie Limitless you talked about, he just glances at something like a corner of a book and he has recall on that. You start to notice things like that over time. Long term memory, short term memory recall. You start to make really huge assumptions in terms of what you can remember.

To give you some specific examples, it’s not just things as simple as like a phone number, but it’s like somebody could shout out a full direction path to me and I’d be able to remember it. Like a 15 minute car ride, I’d be able to remember. My recall if I made that car ride at any other point was instantaneous. I didn’t even have to pull up the maps or get out Google maps or anything to actually make it back there. If I’ve been there once, and this is still true today, if I’ve been there once, whether I was driving or not, I can get there again.

Jason: I’m going to have to try some of this out. Somebody gives me directions and after the first three steps I’m like, wait, wait I probably should write this down.

Jameson: What’s hilarious in the US is how we give directions. I’ve traveled all over the world and for the last year and a half, I was in Asia and Australia. In Australia, it’s funny because they’re like, just right left, right left, right left to get you there. In America, we’re like, “Yeah, the first thing you want to do is you go down about 150 yards and then there’s this guy standing in the corner. You make a left. But make sure you go between [2:00]PM and [3:00]PM because otherwise the guy won’t be there and you’ll lose the corner. Then you go up and there is the gas station on the right. You don’t turn into the gas station. You just pass the gas station.”

Jason: We try to paint the whole picture and experience.

Jameson: Too much. Way too much. It’s like just tell him left, right, left, right.

Jason: Now I know I screwed up. Alright, wait was that what I’m supposed to do or not supposed to do.

Jameson: Exactly. What happens next after you start with this basic stuff that I just outlined is you get into the stronger substances. What’s beautiful is these things that I already mentioned then become the base. They become the foundation of what you can then build upon. The reason is because they’re not super strong to where you have to worry about, I can only take this. You can start the build on it.

What you start to learn and realize about yourself is you build on this foundation is your capacity gets greater. Your capacity to take in more information, remember it, remember even the thread that we stopped at a couple of minutes ago before we just went on that tangent, those things become infinitely easier. What that creates is more confidence in the individual because they can make greater assumptions. They can let that gap of assumption become bigger with what they know they can deal with and what they know they can do. That’s when you start to tap into Racetams and pharmaceuticals. Pharmaceuticals would be like your Modafinil, which that’s one of the designer names.

Jason: We’ve got natural stack Celtip and then we’re doing either on it or Maven labs. They’re alpha brain or brain stack, one of those. This is what’s next?

Jameson: Yeah. This is when it actually starts to get very, very good. I personally like Racetams the most, but I have experienced and been on Ritalin, Adderall and Modafinil. Modafinil, I like the most outside of Racetams because Modafinil, if you just dose at about 200 milligrams, which is standard dosing, per day or less, I know some people that are at only 50-100, you get a very good euphoric feeling. Focus is increased and motivation really is increased. That, for a lot of people is enough. They don’t need anything else. At a lower dose, you don’t really get the side effects.

Funny thing is that Modafinil is created I think back in the 60’s or 70’s as an alertness drug. They were actually given to people during Vietnam war, I think. They did that because it was a wakefulness promoter. They needed to be alert. It deals with the alert mechanisms of the brain more than dopamine and the feel good stuff.

Having that alertness is big because again, we can start to train ourselves to naturally tap into that deeper just like everything else. I like Modafinil out of those the most but Adderall and Ritalin is prescribed for the ADHD disease.

Jason: You would recommend after the first stacks that you had mentioned maybe Modafinil?

Jameson: No, I wouldn’t. Not in US. I can’t really suggest that because it’s not legal in the US. I think you have to have a prescription. You can buy it over in Europe and there’s websites. All you got to do is a Google search to be able to get it. The only risk you run is I think they might be able to confiscate it. I would not immediately jump into Modafinil just because of the loopholes and different issues you might deal with. Racetams is where I go into next because those you could buy through tons of stuffs.

Jason: So explain Racetams. This sounds plural, so this is a lot of different things?

Jameson: Yeah. It’s basically a whole family now. It started with Piracetam, which is the very first one discovered back in 1960. I don’t remember why they were even looking in this area but it’s one of those things where they researched it for one thing and discovered that it had this effect over here and then, started using it over here. It helps in all of these blood pressure issues now too that they give to old ways. It’s one of those things to where the benefits of it are very widespread.

It started with Piracetam and then they started figuring out the breakdown, the molecular structure differently in that. I think now there are about 16 different Racetams and Racetam family based substances. Some of these are derived from B vitamins, some of these are derived from natural cholins, some of these are derived from natural substances like that and then flashed out to a stronger substance. But they’re considered pretty safe. A lot of research done if you just look up Piracetam.

Jason: With the Racetams, because there’s so many in it, it’s something different. Where would you go to get these and what’s your recommendation?

Jameson: There’s a lot of websites. I used peaknootropics.com. I’ve been using them for four years. Ever since I started doing bulk Racetams, I’ve been using them. The quality is insanely good. They didn’t jump on the bandwagon now that it’s hot and popular, which you see there’s so much of that now. Free shipping offers to get you Nootropics, being mass blasted and advertised all over the place. These guys were around in the very beginning. Two or three years ago even Racetams and Nootropics weren’t really being talked about outside like Joe Rogan and Dave Asprey.

Jason: I’ll put your affiliate link there.

Jameson: Oh, cool. I appreciate that. I’m trying not to pay attention to the live chat. I know that people are asking questions.

Jason: Mostly people are commenting. They’re just along for the ride. Piracetam would be the first one maybe? Is that like the flagship of Peak Nootropics?

Jameson: Yeah. That’s where I would start. Again, you start, they give you dosing, they give you the scooper and everything. They don’t just send you a big bag of powder and say good luck. They send you basic dosing instructions. On their site, Peak Nootropics, they put a lot of time into actually giving low level, mid, high level dosing examples. What you would actually do, because you can work up your level of Piracetam quite high, you can get up to 9 or some guys doing 10 grams a day, which is quite high.

Jason: Doing all of these things, do you feel like a superhuman compared to a lot of people now?

Jameson: I do. It sounds a little cliche and everybody wants to talk about Limitless the movie. Is that possible? I really do feel that because it opens the doorway to those things becoming more of a reality. Again, as I start to make more assumptions, my confidence goes up. It can’t not go up because you got proof and evidence.

Let’s take a step back. Every belief that we hold as an individual is based off of proof and evidence. If I were to ask you why you believe in anything you believe in, you would have reasons why. That’s true of all of us. As I start to build up more proof and evidence in my little mental library and experience recall of this thing happened here, oh my gosh that was the situation here, I was so on it in this social dynamic conversation over here, I was able to do this speech over there, oh my gosh it just walked on stage, all those things start to build up and you cannot be more confident.

So then confidence grows and you continue to stretch the capacity. It’s literally like this stacking effect that happens. The longer you use these substances, the more you tend to get out of them.

Jason: Sounds really awesome. I’m excited to try some of this stuff out. I’m going to rewatch this and I’m sure a lot of people will rewatch this and go through and do these things out in this order. How can people get your eBook?

Jameson: Let’s drop a link because that’s a great place to start. I’m sure through life here I’ve forgotten more than I can remember which is why I write this books. I basically wrote a 55-paged report with over 100 medical references and journals that I dug up talking about Nootropics. I break down all the Racetam family. I break down Modafinil, Adderall.

There’s actually Adrafinil, which is like a replacement for Modafinil, has a little bit less of the side effects because Modafinil raises liver enzyme levels. You have to really watch, you have to keep a tight eye on your diet. Adrafinil doesn’t have that effect in studies that they’ve done. There are some cool stuff like that in there as well as other lifestyle changes you can make to increase the effects of these. If you add in stillness and meditation with use of Smart Drugs. Again, Adrafinil is available at Peak Nootropics. I’m not associated with them at all. They ship on time. They give me my stuff.

Jason: Great. You’d mention a lot of different like nutraceuticals. Are there any others that you think are worth mentioning here for people that are getting started or starting out or have we covered it?

Jameson: I’m all about just let me give you the few things that you can take and go and start executing on today in your life to make change. While I would love to just tell you everything that I know, I don’t feel that that would be beneficial. I think what we’ve covered would be great. Get the PDF. It’s a free download. Get the PDF if you want to go into deeper detail of these substances.

Jason: Jameson, I really appreciate you coming out, hanging out with me. It’s really cool. Once you have this mental edge, it sounds like what you’re saying is there’s something more. It’s not just taking the Smart Drugs, but there’s also maybe some mindset, lifestyle, things like that.

Jameson: That’s the next level of it. I love this stuff because it’s a doorway to the next step. Even if tomorrow they were there to come out with research and say, “Oh, actually Nootropics suck and they wear your brain out in 100-year life time.” That would be okay for me because that led me to the next step. Those two things combined, give me a huge mental edge.

I’m all about weighing out like customers reward. I know tons of entrepreneurs who use them. Thousands really, hundreds of thousands I’m sure. I don’t personally know all of them but what that leads to is using these substances then leads to greater awareness and greater awareness then combined with other lifestyle changes make it that much more potent.

Your familiar with ADHD. The big thing is focus and hyperactivity. You just can’t sit still. teachers can’t stand you and they want to put you in special needs class. At least that’s what it was for me. I went through all of that. When you add in a piece like stillness and meditation, even just 15 minutes a day, then that gives you a deeper emotional intelligence really because you are able to control yourself more. What I mean by that is in the moment of that hyperactivity starting, you can drive a spike in between that and say, “Well wait a second, I just calm back down.”

It might sound silly like, oh everybody should be able to do that. But you really can’t, especially with somebody who has ADHD. It’s like before you know it, you’re just wound up and you’re running out 1000 miles an hour. How do we slow that down? Something as simple as meditation helps do that because it’s the inner reflection time that creates awareness and space.

Jason: Instead of being reactive to everything.

Jameson: It helps you drive a spike in between the moment of a situation occurring and your decision on that. The amount of time might seem small based on the situation at you’re in, but there is always at least a split second that I have as an individual to make the decision of how I’m going to react. Most people don’t have that edge and that spike in there.

I told you the other day we’re like coffee-nation. The moment that something happens, like if somebody comes up to me and they need something right now, my natural default is going to be get worked up, get in a frenzy about it and you don’t really realize you’re doing it but that’s a lot of people’s defaults.

Things like meditation, mindfulness. Those things drive a spike in that. It gives you that space so that you actually see in a moment of needing to make a decision. It’s like you have more time. You’ve created time. You slow down time. Something happens there to where you have this greater awareness that actually, “Well wait a second. How do I want to respond here?” It becomes infinitely more important in high octane and high pressure situations.

Jason: I love it. I posted your link there so people can get the PDF that are watching this on Blab or on the reply. Check it out. Lots and lots of great info. Loved the meditation piece. If there was another thing that you would add to it that’s outside of the Nootropics like meditation, what would that be?

Jameson: Most powerful piece outside of meditation and Nootropics, get a schedule. It’s so funny because if you’re working a day job, you’re like, “Oh, I got a schedule Jay. You’re silly.” You really don’t. You show up to work and work dictates what needs to be done that day. A lot of times, you’re carrying over from yesterday like, “Oh gosh, I gotta finish this month end report.” That’s not really structured. That’s not really you co-creating and determining what’s going to happen for today. That’s just you letting the river take you.

I get it. It’s a job. Sometimes, a lot of what is being told to you is required. I get all of that. But understand that that’s still not really a schedule. A schedule is like I’m going to wake up at [5:00]AM because I got to be to work at [6:00]AM. But I’m going to wake up at [5:00]AM because that will give me an hour to really get my place of power, allow me to meditate, get my morning going before I step into work.

Creating a schedule allows you to dictate how your day unfolds better than just going along for the ride. Like most people again. You wake up, first thing you do your phone is within 3 feet. Over 90% of people are more than 3 feet away from their phone all day long. Again, if we take that morning to get my morning started the way that I want it to, that changes my day. I can do my meditation. I can come up with a list of the three things that I want to tackle for today.

Now, again, in an employee situation, not really as vital as it is when you’re an entrepreneur. But if you’re an entrepreneur, your day will be completely different. You start off with just a morning routine and create a schedule for how you want the day to go. This includes chunking down your time with work blocks, this includes doing the things that we’ve all read in hundreds of Huffington Post and Forbes articles but yet most of us aren’t doing.

A daily routine is massively important. I have a whole framework. Maybe we’ll do a follow up. I have a whole framework that I teach clients and people that I work with on this like setting goals, daily routines, actually reflective periods to check in on how far your progressing and really taking something that’s pretty airy fairy and quantifying it down into pieces.

Jason: Well Jameson, I really appreciate you coming out. It’s really cool to hangout with you, meet you, and get to know you. I love the whole life hacking aspect and I think a lot of entrepreneur personality types do. I think this will really be useful. We’re getting some thanks here in the chat, some comments. I think this will have great replay value.

Make sure, everybody, get his PDF. It’s the Unbounce page’s link there and check out his stuff. Any final words that you wanted to say to everybody?

Jameson: I do, actually. I think in life, we tend to complicate things. We complicate potential. We complicate performance. We complicate what’s possible. In reality, it’s just the simple things done consistently that have the biggest outcomes so start somewhere. Don’t be overwhelmed by the things you want to accomplish, the person you want to become. Just gets started. Little by little, percent by percent, you’ll get better every single day.

Jason: Awesome. Alright. Jameson, thank you.

Okay, I have to say I did this interview a little while ago and since doing the interview, I have started using some Smart Drugs. I’ve only used the natural stuff but I’ve really enjoy Ciltep. I like that one. I tried Alpha Brain. I wasn’t too impressed with Alpha Brain. It was a little more subtle. I’ve really liked Ciltep in the morning.

Another one that I’m using currently that I really like is Mind Lab Pro, which I think is similar to the Alpha Brain, but there is no caffeine in Ciltep or Mind Lab Pro. You want to cycle these things I’m realizing because the effectiveness wears off as he had mentioned. My go to right now is Mind Lab Pro and Ciltep. I like Ciltep in the morning and then maybe Mind Lab Pro, I might do a little later in the day.

I have also dabbled with caffeine, with the theanine. I can do that for a few days but I’m not really a fan of the caffeine thing. I usually couple that in the afternoon is when I’ll do it. I don’t like starting the day with caffeine because I feel like that taps out my adrenal gland. I usually will do the caffeine and theanine after lunch time, right before usually there is that lull, that slowed down portion of the day.

I’m finding though I’m able to work all day long without hitting that crash in the afternoon. I am a lot more present. I’m more focused. I’m getting more things done. Even late in the evening, sometimes, I still feel fresh. It’s really a wild thing to not have that tiredness and that brain fog. I highly recommend feeding your brain. I think that’s really what’s going on here is I’m just feeding my brain.

I think also, I should point out, huge impact, sleep. Sleep has a huge impact. Getting to bed by [10:00]PM so that your adrenal glands don’t kick in, create a second win, you start tapping out, and you’re consistently and constantly tired. Sleep is a big deal. Getting consistent and regular sleep and exercise.

Exercise in the morning just shifts the entire day. My brain is a lot more present and any of the pills or supplement that I’m taking have an even greater impact. Even if it’s just something quick and dirty like the seven minute workout app. Seven, on the iPhone, I like that. Check that stuff out. You’re going to love it.

I should also point out that I have links to all of these different items on the show notes. You can check that on the Door Grow blog. Just go to doorgrow.com/11 for episode 11.

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Jason Hull

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