Coaching is an absolute necessity for high-level business owners, but for many, coaching is an ambiguous universe or a luxury expense. Let me share my experience with coaching and 13 reasons why it is relevant to property management entrepreneurs and what we offer in the space of Property Management Coaching.

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Do You Invest?

You invest in your team. You invest in your property management company. But if you do are not willing to invest in yourself, no one will want to invest in you. If you do not value yourself enough to invest in yourself then others will feel that. They will sense that weakness and perceive you as low-value. Savvy entrepreneurs invest in themselves. This leads us to my first point…

Why Coaching?

1. Integrity Matters

Imagine if as a coach I said “Hey sign up with me as your coach” but I have never invested in myself and paid a coach. What then would be missing? Integrity. You can’t fake integrity. Start investing in yourself. I have easily spent over $20,000 in the last several months on coaching and have already gotten a direct financial return that exceeds it. Will I stop investing in myself? Never. It’s the best investment I could ever make. It’s an investment that impacts everything.

If you want to have more power selling others on investing in your business, paying you, & turning their largest financial assets over to you, then make sure you are investing big in yourself.

2. You Are the Sun

You are the center of your universe and all that you oversea around you. Your family is counting on you. Your company/team is counting on you. Your clients are counting on you. Investing in yourself is just as important, if not more so, as paying for your office space or as keeping the lights on. It’s just as important as paying your team. It’s just as important as marketing. YOU are your single biggest asset. Coaching impacts your family, your team, and everyone around you.

3. Coaching Reveals Blindspots

Every human has a physical blindspot in each eye where the ocular nerve connects. The brain just makes up stuff to fill in those gaps of vision, so you don’t see them. They are actually quite significant. We all have blindspots. Everyone on your team likely has aligned with your thinking and carries your same blindspots. You look at your team frustrated, your business frustrated, but you fail to look at yourself and how you are creating your world around you.

I’ve found one of my biggest advantages as a property management coach is that I am not a property manager. I play a similar game in a highly competitive & innovative industry (internet marketing & web design), which allows me to see things differently.

4. Coaching Creates Accountability

If you are King, no one questions you. Their job is to do what you ask and say. Who assigns you tasks? Who issues you challenges to complete? Who expects you to keep commitments and be your word? You can get away with a lot as a business owner… who holds your face to the fire? Without accountability you are by default, cheating yourself.

5. You Need to Be Questioned/Challenged

You are the King. Who challenges you? No one challenges your stories or lies or wants to see if they are true. You also have stories or lies you believe about where you are. You can’t get to where you want if you aren’t in touch with reality as to where you are currently starting from.

6. Coaching Collapses Time

Coaching allows you to take a dramatic step away from a “default future” to a “created future”. Without a coach you know where you will likely be in business & life in 3 months from now. Just look at your last 3 months. Or what about a year from now. Just look at your last year. Was that the growth you wanted? With a coach you co-create a future based on clarity they help you uncover and escape the stagnation of a “default future”. You’ve heard the phrase “time is money”… how costly is doing it all yourself in terms of time & money? For me, I realize clearly now, that all those years I spent not getting coached, cost me hundreds of thousands of dollars.

7. Coaching Brings Clarity

You know a lot. But a big reason you don’t have what you want or that you have things in your life that aren’t what you want is that you lack clarity. You aren’t clear on what you really want. You lie to yourself and have stories about things that you think you want.

8. Coaching is All About Results

Coaches are focused on results. They keep you focused on results that you want. Unlike therapists, coaches only succeed if they get you results. They are the only person who’s results are your results.The other day one of my clients and I celebrated on our call that he had closed 13 deals in 10 days (he normally closed 2-4 a month). If you are my client, I want you to win, because I want to win.

9. Coaches Add Belief

We all need someone that believes in us. Someone that can see us in our greatness, even when we don’t believe in ourself or when we feel stuck.

10. Coaching Gives Access

Great coaching provides you greater access to resources, knowledge, tools, skillets, mindsets. Coaches constantly invest in the best resources, books, webinars, etc. so they have value to offer. They can point you towards resources you never would have considered.

11. Coaching Provides Association

Great coaching allows you to associate and connect with others that operate at a high level. You want to level up? Association is a key. Your association with a coach and association with others that operate at that level are powerful. This is why I incorporate some group aspects to my coaching – it gets bigger results & creates more positive pressure.

12. Coaching Brings Growth

In order to experience growth in your business, you must first experience it in yourself. You are king. Your business is an extension of you. It should be serving you. You need to grow first, then your business can grow. Trying to grow your business first, without first growing yourself, doesn’t work. You will hit a plateau in business & life until you grow.

13. Coaching Has an Endless ROI

I have found just the act of spending thousands on coaches has removed blocks of getting additional thousands in my businesses. The return though, is endless. When you invest in yourself the return is residual. Your new mindsets, skillets, knowledge, & power all stay with you and continue to bring a return.

Wholistic Coaching?

My coaching methods are not typical. Business doesn’t compartmentalize perfectly in a little box and neither does my coaching. We will focus on 4 key areas: Body, Being, Balance (relationships), & Business. Why? Because my clients want to have it all, rather than live as a one-dimensional jerk.

I’ve tried to play the game just focusing on business. I’ve nearly burned my body, my marriage, my self, and my business to the ground trying to just focus on business. I know firsthand that “total immersion” and focus on just business, doesn’t work.

Why not? Because they are all tethered together. Each is a reflection of one another. How you treat your body is a reflection of your business. How you treat your marriage is a reflection of your business. Your personal focus, power, spirituality affects your business.

Are You My Dream Client? I Have to Be Picky

Do you take on crappy doors? (If so watch my Cycle of Suck Video). I don’t take on crappy clients. Plus I am a very limited resource. I can only handle a so many coaching clients at a time, so I might as well work with clients I enjoy working with. So what do I want?

  • Clients that keep commitments.
  • Clients that take action.
  • Clients that pay me well.
  • Clients that are badass property management entrepreneurs (they already know HOW to be a property manager).
  • Clients that want results.
  • Clients that are teachable.
  • Clients that are cool to work with.

Ready to Invest in Yourself?

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Love & Light,

Jason Hull
Wholistic Entrepreneur Coach
CEO & Founder of OpenPotion, DoorGrow, GatherKudos

About Jason Hull

Jason's mission is "to inspire others to love true principles." This means he enjoys digging up gold nuggets of wisdom & sharing them with property managers to help them improve their business. He founded OpenPotion, DoorGrow, & GatherKudos.