Your Property Management Website Sucks: 1 Idea That Can Transform Your Business Learn Why the Focus of Your Website May Help Operations, But Costs You Leads

Yes you Mr. or Mrs. property manager. I know you love your site. Including the perfect property pictured – that you got off of – that everyone wishes they owned. The cheesy family made of models you found on the same site.


Tenants may want that house, they may want to be models with a family that happy. You wrote the website verbiage yourself (and ended every important sentence with an exclamation point). Your site helps you run your business and makes it easy for tenants to pay rent and submit maintenance requests, but its focus is off.

Residential Property Management Target Groups

You see, I’m a marketer. My degree is in marketing. So let’s look at this like a marketer and take inventory of the target groups you have. You have several:

  1. Potential Tenants – They need a way to view available rentals & apply, but are usually found through other sources (craigslist, etc.) than the website.
  2. Existing Tenants – They want to pay rent, request repairs, etc.
  3. Existing Owners/Clients – They generally won’t bother you too much if you are doing your job. They maybe just need a place to login and see their statements and such.
  4. Potential Owners/Clients – These are new management contracts waiting to happen. These are what you say you want more of. They are looking for to see if they can trust you, afford you, and are wondering how you are different from all the others out there.
  5. Referral partners – such as realtors.
  6. Investors – Which really are just a segment of the Potential Owners/Clients group.


Who Should You Target in Order to Grow?

So which group would you say is the logical group to focus on if you want to grow your property management business? Potential Clients right? So why is your website focused on tenants? Why are you making your primary target group a side note on your homepage?

This seems so obvious… So while I’m sure you are happy with your site, you need to realize it is not doing its job. Its true purpose is to get you business… but somehow it ended up becoming a tool to aid operations. So now, instead of it gathering you leads the way it should, it looks like every other property management site.

The question to ask yourself is do you want more doors or more tenants? Maybe getting tenants is a major struggle and you don’t want to grow your business. Then you and I would likely never talk. But I’m guessing you would rather have more doors to manage and more money flowing in.

So that’s the #1 tip:

Realize that if you are a residential property manager & want more business, Potential Clients are the target group your website should be focused on.

I have always been surprised how blind property managers are to their own marketing and their website challenges, so recently we created a tool to help evaluate your property management website. It’s a simple quiz with 20+ questions based on the latest and greatest research into what effectively helps you capture leads. This tool helps you see through my magic glasses to find all the holes in your site that are bleeding money and gives your website a score. I’m calling this the DoorGrow Score.

Get your DoorGrow Website Score:

  • 20+ actionable tips to improve.
  • Gives advice that people often pay $1000s of dollars for.
  • Get clarity on how well your site is actually doing or how it could be better.

Try it out and let me know what you think or if you have any feedback or ideas for improvement… Oh, and please, take down the fake stock photography and avoid using the exclamation points! Do it now! Do it today! Ok you get the idea…

What ideas have you found effective in targeting the right clients? Let us know in the comments.

Jason Hull

Jason's mission is "to inspire others to love true principles." This means he enjoys digging up gold nuggets of wisdom & sharing them with property managers to help them improve their business. He founded OpenPotion, DoorGrow, & GatherKudos.

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