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You Need a Great Assistant If...

You're spending all of your time on menial tasks and can't get to what's important.

Your business is stagnant and you feel limited by an ever-expanding workload.

Every night and weekend is gobbled up by work tasks. You have no free time.

Previous assistants have left you totally underwhelmed or frustrated.

Your passion is disappearing. You're buried in low-level work and feeling miserable.

No work-life balance. Your workaholic schedule is negatively impacting your personal life.

How Does DoorGrow Help Find the Perfect Assistant?

We've partnered with experts that handle the hard stuff for you.


Tired of pulling your hair out, trying to write a clever, effective classified ad? Our targeted advertising is designed to locate the best candidates.

Personality & Skill Assessing

As part of the assistant placement process, we review and assess every candidate's personality profile and skillset. This helps us find the best match.


Hey, we get it. You don't want just any random Joe at the wheel of your business. Our screening process ensures we only work with the cream of the crop.

Work Testing

Every DoorGrow assistant undergoes rigorous testing in real-life scenarios. We work with assistants who are multitalented and consistently deliver quality results.


You don't just need an assistant; you need the right assistant for your specific situation. We carefully interview every candidate to identify individuals best suited to you & your business.


Finally, our assistants receive detailed training to equip them for their future role. Our basic training process covers an assortment of administrative & support tasks.

It's Time to Get Off the Hamster Wheel

Being an entrepreneur is easily one of the most exhilarating undertakings you'll ever experience. Without the right support structure in place, however, you'll quickly find you're not thriving...instead, you're simply treading water. Countless business owners fall into the trap of thinking they can and should do everything. Get stuck in hustle mode for too long and your business, your health, and your personal relationships all suffer.

With the right executive assistant providing support, you can say goodbye to the headache of dealing with the small stuff and begin to focus your energy and attention on what matters. Better yet, with a trusted assistant who is aligned with your vision on your side, you can step back and begin to enjoy life all over again. No more wasted vacations or family outings spent glued to your phone. Say goodbye to the 7-day work week and reestablish the boundaries of life outside the office.

The possibilities are limitless.

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