Planning & Discovery Package

One-on-one consulting for your business


Considering the DoorGrow Mastermind?

Our mastermind for property managers is the best program for Property Management Entrepreneurs, bar none. Some are nervous about joining the hundreds of people we coach and making the investment.

We get it—it can be a big leap.

We created the 4-session Plannning & Discovery process to give you the chance to spend one-on-one time with our team. Just DoorGrow & you spending time one on one.

And it is super low risk… This gives you a chance to get to know us and for us to get to know you.

Undeniable Benefits of Planning & Discovery

Get clarity on you business and what actually is holding it back (not usually what you think)

Get clarity on pipeline leaks and systems leaks preventing you from scaling

Get clarity on yourself so you can build a better team & biz around you (better than process & KPIs)

Get a solid plan & roadmap to accomplish your goals

Get clarity on time leaks/blindspots and how to free up your time

Escape your default future by yourself and get a better, created future with DoorGrow

And the kicker? If you continue into our mastermind at the end, we will apply the $1000 towards our program. No brainer right?

The Planning & Discovery Sessions



First, we dig into your business. Where are you at? What have you tried? What does your team look like? We will assess the business & share some valuable frameworks.

Homework: Complete a one week DoorGrow Time Study and self assessments.



Next, we will go deep on creating clarity on you so we can build the right business around you. We will go over the four reasons framework, review your time study, discuss daily planning, and make recommendations that will help improve your time.

Homework: Complete assessments to identify leaks that exist in your pipeline and operations systems.



In our third session, we will be focused on the systems of the business and identifying the leaks that exist. We will be creating clarity around the leaks that exist and discussing how to resolve them.

Homework: Get clear on what you want to get from a future with DoorGrow.



We will lay out a roadmap and plan for the future. If you decide to continue working with us during this call, your paid fee will be applied towards our recommended next steps with DoorGrow.

Ready for your Planning & Discovery sessions?

Get started for just $1,000 now.