DGS 192: The Framework Of Belief In Property Management

Entrepreneurship is difficult, and entrepreneurs tend to be very hard on themselves. Sometimes this stems from a lack of confidence or belief in themselves.

Property management growth expert Jason Hull and Sarah Hall, COO of DoorGrow share some of the valuable nuggets of wisdom they learned from Jamie Kern Lima, the CEO of IT Cosmetics and the author of Believe It.

You’ll Learn…

[03:35] The Frameworks of Belief

[07:35] How to Handle Rejection and “No”s

[10:26] The Problem with Hiding in Plain Sight

[14:32] Dealing with Criticism and Doubters

[20:51] “God doesn’t call the qualified. He qualifies the called.”


“Just because it’s a closed door, it’s probably closed for a reason. It’s not the right door. So just keep going until you find the right one because it will happen.”

“So believe in yourself, believe that you’re worthy.”

“It’s not until later in life that you realize you want to be different and you want to be weird and you don’t want to fit in. You don’t want to be the same as everybody else.”

“Businesses go out of business. We fail as entrepreneurs, and if you’re failing it’s because you gave up.”


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[00:00:00] Jason Hull: One of the biggest challenges for entrepreneurs really is just to be able to believe in yourself. Everybody says like, “You need to like, take action and hustle and do this and live the dream,” but you have to believe in yourself because if you don’t believe in yourself, you don’t get it. 


[00:00:12] Jason Hull: All right, we are live. Welcome DoorGrow Hackers to the #DoorGrowShow. So if you are a property management entrepreneur that wants to add doors, make a difference, increase revenue, help others, impact lives, and you’re interested in growing in business and life, and you’re open to doing things a bit differently then you are a DoorGrow Hacker. DoorGrow Hackers love the opportunities, daily variety, unique challenges and freedom that property management brings. Many in real estate think you’re crazy for doing it. You think they’re crazy for not because you realize that property management is the ultimate, high trust gateway to real estate deals, relationships, and residual income. At DoorGrow, we are on a mission to transform property management business owners and their businesses. We want to transform the industry, eliminate the bs, build awareness, change perception, expand the market, and help the best property management entrepreneurs win. I’m your host property management growth expert, Jason Hull, the founder and CEO of DoorGrow. Now let’s get into the show. 


[00:01:11] Jason Hull: So I have a special guest with me today, one that I happen to be madly in love with. This is Sarah hall. H-A-L-L. Different last name. 


[00:01:24] Sarah Hall: For now. 


[00:01:24] Jason Hull: For now. I’m working on changing that y’all. I’m working on changing that one letter in her last name. So this is Sarah. So Sarah, why don’t you tell everybody about yourself? 


[00:01:34] Sarah Hall: Hmm. All right. So what do you want me to get into? So, uh…


[00:01:37] Jason Hull: Tell them what you do at DoorGrow and in your background.


[00:01:41] Sarah Hall: …and my background. Okay. Well…


[00:01:42] Jason Hull: And then we’ll get into our topic. 


[00:01:43] Sarah Hall: Let’s see. So currently, I am the COO here at DoorGrow. And so I’m kind of over all of the operations and the financials. I kind of make sure that the wheels are turning and that the business is moving forward, and I have my hands into a lot of the little nitty gritty details. That’s kind of what I do at DoorGrow. I am also been a business owner and I’ve done that for about five years now. About five years I think. And I’m actually I’ve got a small team at this point. My real background I would say is sales. So I always say I haven’t sold anything a day in my life. All I do is I give people the information that they need to make educated decisions. And I think if you believe, you know, that’s what you’re doing is just kind of educating people, then it’s not really sales. You’re not really pushing anything on them that, you know, they don’t want or don’t need. But I have an extensive sales background. I’ve been working since I was 14 years old, and my first like sales gig was probably when I was about 16 or 17. And I’ve been doing various forms of sales and now entrepreneur opportunities and all that good stuff ever since. 


[00:02:58] Jason Hull: Okay. All right. Sarah’s a badass. So I just want you to . , Sarah singlehandedly has cut some of our clients with hundreds of doors like operational and staffing costs in half from a single call. She’s very efficient. It’s why she’s able to run you know, our company at DoorGrow as an operator and COO, while running an entire property management business with hundreds of doors, like as a part-time gig really with one person that’s part-time boots on the ground and she’s able to like systemize her business to that level. So, She’s able to help our clients out a lot in the coaching. And we’ve got a really awesome team. So what we’re going to talk about today, Sarah and I went to a conference recently. We went to Funnel Hacking Live, which is a big marketing conference full of entrepreneurs and they had some amazing speakers. So one of the speakers there was this gal named Jamie Kern Lima, and if you haven’t heard of her, you can google her. She’s kind of a big deal. But she has this book called _Believe It_, and she was talking about this framework of four steps related to belief. And I thought this would be really powerful to share with our audience. So we want to take you through this briefly and share. So where should we start?


[00:04:11] Sarah Hall: Why don’t you go through some of the framework stuff, or should we go into her background? Let’s do a little bit about–


[00:04:18] Jason Hull: you tell about the background…


[00:04:19] Sarah Hall: I’ll do the background, then we’ll do the framework. Then we’ll get into the nuts and bolts and nitty gritty stuff. What I found really inspiring about Jamie, is she she saw an issue really she found, ended up relevant to thousands of women all across the globe. She was suffering from a skin issue called I think she had rosacea and she was using all these different makeup brands. She tried just about everything that there was to try concealers and primers, and she’s tried it all, every single brand, every single product. Nothing really worked for her. And she was at really like what she thought was the height of her career as a TV news anchor. And she had her earpiece in her ear while she’s live. 


[00:05:01] Sarah Hall: And her producer is going, “Your makeup is running. You’re on live tv and it’s running.” and she’s, like trying to blot. And she had blotted and wiped off almost all of her makeup. And he’s going, in her ear, “it’s worse now. You made it worse. It’s really bad now. You have to fix this.” So she finds that. No product really is working for her. So she’s after tried everything, she’s thinking, Hey, you know what? I need to be the one to create the solution because I know I’m not the only woman who is struggling with this problem. So this is a little bit about her journey on, you know, how she kind of found the issue figured, “Hey, it’s on me, right? Nobody else is doing it. It’s on me to create this solution.” and then how she did it. So I think that’s a little bit of her background. Why don’t you get into the framework that she had? 


[00:05:51] Jason Hull: Yeah. So she shared a framework and she said, you know, one of the biggest challenges for entrepreneurs really is just to be able to believe in yourself. Everybody says like, “You need to like, take action and hustle and do this and live the dream,” but the one fundamental defining factor between those that succeed and those that don’t is they have this deep sort of driving motivator or why, but really underneath all that you have to believe in yourself because if you don’t believe in yourself, you don’t get it. So she has this framework and her framework was number one– if you’re taking notes, go for it. Write it down– is clarity. Number two is action. Start taking action. Number three, you have to believe it’s possible, this possibility, belief. And then number four, you have to believe you are worthy. You have this worthiness belief. And she quoted Joel Ostein and said, “Our setbacks are really setups for something greater,” which I loved. And so she talked about finding the why beneath the why, and she says, “If you’re not getting results, or you think you have some sort of wire motivator, it’s not deep enough,” because a lot of times we hit walls. Businesses go out of business. We fail as entrepreneurs, and if you’re failing it’s because you gave up. 


[00:07:02] Jason Hull: And she said you have to use unattainable aspirations. Like we have these dreams that are so big sometimes, but one of my great quotes I wrote down from her was, “Never let others’ doubt about you turn into doubt about yourself.” Nobody around you is going to get the vision that you feel called to do or that motivator that you have deep down. They’re not going to feel at the same level. So they’re going to doubt you or they’re going to try and protect you and they’re going to like shoot it down. And so it’s about having that belief that’s so deep that you’re in alignment with God, universe, your purpose, whatever that you are going to push past and through any objection. She had a lot of rejection and challenges, right? 


[00:07:38] Sarah Hall: Hundreds upon hundreds upon hundreds of ‘no’s. So in, in my notes, it was her and her husband who created this product. And then it was her and her husband who were marketing it and trying to sell it and trying to just get it going. And they were like, “Okay, what can we do? Can we sell it ourselves? This isn’t seeming to be working the way we want it to. We need to get another brand, like a larger brand to pick it up, right?” So like, sell it maybe like a L’Oreal or a Maybelline or somebody will buy it and then they can, you know, really market it to the masses. So they were doing this and they were just churning and churning and churning. Neither one of them took a paycheck for three years. So this wasn’t something that was like this overnight success that just, you know, she woke up and like a rags to riches overnight story, right? This is a three year struggle. Over those three years, they heard hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of no’s, and some of them were really brutal. The most brutal one. She got they– she said it almost stopped her right then and there. But one of the notes that I wrote is that you can’t listen to all of the no’s, and you can only really do this as a side note, you can only not listen to the no’s if you truly know your purpose and your mission.


[00:08:53] Sarah Hall: So if you don’t have that really deep-seated why in you– why do I even care enough to do this? The no’s are going to affect you. But she says, “You cannot listen to the no’s. When you get a ‘no,’ god gives you knowing. And if you end up listening to the no’s, if you do succumb to that and you listen to those no’s, then what you’re doing is you’re talking yourself out of your truth.”


[00:09:19] Jason Hull: Mm. Yeah. Yeah, I wrote this down. She went to one of her heroes, one of her mentors. It was like a dream. She got an interview with them and the guy said, basically, “it’s not going to work. Nobody wants to buy this product from somebody that looks like you,” and this sort of thing. And it was like crushing to her. And eventually this guy was working for her, which I thought was just a great ending to her story. But she said, “he gave me a no, and it crushed me, but God gave me a knowing,” and I was like, Ooh, I love that. Like you have, knowing like that this is going to work, but you’re going to get rejections, you’re going to get no’s. And if you’re not willing to take the no’s, and not willing to keep going, you don’t really have that knowing or a strong enough purpose, it’s going carry you through that. You’re going to get rejected. You’re going to try and sell property management. You’re trying to get clients and people are going to say “no.” and you’re going to feel friction and it’s going to be uncomfortable. 


[00:10:10] Jason Hull: And a lot of people avoid all that discomfort and have a fantasy business and they don’t even get started. So, she asks this question and it’s: “And I want to ask all of you listening, do you listen to the “no” or do you listen to the knowing? The no’s will talk you out of your own truth,” is what Sarah mentioned. She then talked about when you’re hiding in plain sight, like you have big goals but at the expense of your soul, you’re not raising your hand. And extroverts hide by entertaining everyone else. And introverts like hide in their own way. But are you hiding in plain sight? I thought was a really big thing. How have you been hiding in plain sight? One way is you’re creating so much self doubt inside, or you’re supporting others’ dreams, but not your own. Or you’re championing your kids, but not your own self. These kind of things. These are how we hide. What else do you remember about hiding in plain sight? I just, I thought that was really powerful. 


[00:11:01] Sarah Hall: So this one, I actually have it on a different section. She spoke about it a little bit later. It was in the middle of telling her story before, like the real big kind of like turn around.


[00:11:11] Jason Hull: Mm. 


[00:11:11] Sarah Hall: But her notes were: authenticity does not guarantee success. 


[00:11:16] Jason Hull: Ooh, I have that written down. Authenticity may not guarantee success, but inauthenticity… oh, you were going to say it. 


[00:11:23] Sarah Hall: No, you go ahead. 


[00:11:24] Jason Hull: No, go ahead. 


[00:11:25] Sarah Hall: You took it. Go ahead. 


[00:11:27] Jason Hull: I have this… I wrote down “Authenticity may not guarantee success, but inauthenticity guarantees failure.” Yeah. But I have that way later. We must have wrote in different orders. But yeah that’s I don’t know. How’s that shown up for you in entrepreneurism? I think we’ve all hid. 


[00:11:46] Sarah Hall: Not so much for me, I think. No. 


[00:11:48] Jason Hull: I don’t know for–


[00:11:49] Sarah Hall: I think for a very long time, I’ve just been very comfortable with, you know, who I am and how I do things, and I’ve always sort of known I’m a little different and I’ve always been okay with that. But I think that especially when you’re young and you’re going to school, right? And all the kids come home and they’ll cry, “Oh, I don’t fit in. Like, I’m not the same. I’m different and I’m weird.” And you know, it’s not until later in life that you realize you want to be different and you want to be weird and you don’t want to fit in. You don’t want to be the same as everybody else. And I think I’ve just always been really comfortable with that, and I’ve kind of always had the attitude like, “All right, well I am who I am, and there are going to be people who really enjoy that, and there are going to be people who cannot handle that, and that’s okay because like if I were to come with a warning label, like I am not for everyone. I’m not, and I’m okay with that. I’m okay. I don’t need to be liked by everyone. I don’t need everyone to, you know, be like, “Oh, she’s so great.” It’s okay because I know what I’m doing, and I know that I’m comfortable in who I am and in my mission and in my purpose.


[00:12:56] Jason Hull: Yeah, I think I’ve definitely hid in plain sight. I think I’ve always had, like I always felt really not confident. I had a lot of insecurity and I would overcompensate by really taking care of my clients and I really wanted to let them have success, but I didn’t want to be seen, like I didn’t want to do podcasts. I didn’t want to be in the limelight. And tell one of my mentors or coaches like, “Jason, like if you want to see the change that you want to see in the industry, you have got to stop waiting on somebody else to do it or hoping somebody else picks up this cause and does it because you have that calling inside. You’re the one that needs to do what you know and needs to be done.” I had to kind of swallow that and stop because that’s a lot easier, right? Sometimes it’s just easy to be, stay in the background and that’s self doubt. So, what else did you have on her framework or about this? 


[00:13:42] Sarah Hall: Well, I think from her, my big takeaway, and it’s something that we can all relate to, right? Like everyone I think has been in a situation where we really hope that, you know, we get something or we do something or something happens and then it doesn’t. Right. Or, you know, we’re chasing a client and we’re like, “Oh man, I would love to land this client. I would love to close this deal. You know, I would love to get this promotion. I would love to, you know, have a great hire. I interviewed this person and oh wow. I really loved her. She was so perfect. She would be amazing. I really hope that she, you know, when we extend the offer, she takes it,” and we’ve all heard “no.” Right? And there’s a little part of you that is so hurt by that. And instead of just taking that pain and kind of dwelling in that. Take it and hang onto it and keep on going. 


[00:14:29] Jason Hull: Hmm. 


[00:14:29] Sarah Hall: So one of the big turning points in her story was after hearing, you know, no paycheck for three years, hundreds of no’s, no company at all would pick her up– none– had a really brutal you know from a company who said, “Hey, can I give you some honest feedback?” and she said, “Of course. I want the honest feedback. Tell me. Like if it’s going to help me, tell me.” And he said, “Well, we’re just not confident that a woman that looks like is really going to be the best face for the business.”


[00:15:01] Jason Hull: Mm. 


[00:15:02] Sarah Hall: So, you know, she wasn’t thin enough. She wasn’t pretty enough. She had rosacea, which, you know, I may even have some rosacea myself, but, you know, I get very red in the face at times too. But that wasn’t back then, like, A standard of beauty, right? It was you know, this one definitive thing and if you didn’t fit in that mold, then you know, all these companies just didn’t think that you were going to be successful. And that could have been absolutely crushing to so many of us, and she didn’t let that stop her. She continued. She kept going, she kept trying. She went to, you know, trade shows and expos and the approach to the company that had already told her “no” multiple times, told her no at the trading show, when you’re not supposed to leave your booth, because you can get kicked out of the trade show for leaving your booth. She went and approached, she’s like, “Listen, can you watch my booth? I have got to run.” She ran back over to that company and said, “I know you guys have told me ‘no’ before, but I just, I’m going to pitch it to you again,” and she did it again, and they took a meeting with her. 


[00:16:07] Sarah Hall: And then at this point, everything like all eggs in one basket. She had one shot and it was a 10 minute slot. And in that 10 minutes, like they had to create all of the products. They had to manufacture all of the products because they needed to have a certain amount. That was ready to sell just in case it sold. They also needed to ship it to this company so that if it sold, this company was ready to get it out to their consumers. So they had to spend their last like thousands of dollars just in case this would work. She went, she had about 10 minutes. 10, that was it. And there was a clock. It’s not even a truly a 10 minutes because during that time there are certain intervals, and at these intervals you need to hit a certain sales goal. So if you’re only two minutes in and you haven’t hit sales goal yet, they pull you, you’re done game over. So it was literally her last shot. They were about to close the doors and just be done because they couldn’t afford to keep going. And she ended up doing it. 


[00:17:11] Jason Hull: Mm-hmm. 


[00:17:12] Sarah Hall: And not only did she do it, she sold it out– completely, sold it out. She ended up then getting a buyout from one of the companies that originally told her ‘no’ a couple times and I believe, if I’m remembering the number correctly, it was a $1.2 billion buyout, billion with a B. That’s right. The person that had originally told her ‘no’ and given her that awful feedback, she said, “I was so tempted to reach back out and say, ‘Listen, I’ve got 1.2 billion reasons why you were wrong,’ but instead of doing that, and instead of being like, ‘Ha ha, I was right and you were wrong, and look at me, and I knew it all this whole time,” she said, “You know, I had to be really thankful for all of the no’s in the process.”


[00:17:54] Jason Hull: Mm. 


[00:17:55] Sarah Hall: Because at the time that she met with a person who just really like destroyed her, almost she, if he had offered her anything, she would’ve taken it. She would’ve given up anything. 


[00:18:08] Jason Hull: Yeah. For a small amount of money. 


[00:18:09] Sarah Hall: So she would’ve missed out on $1.2 billion because she was so desperate and you know, tired and just, it was such a long journey at that point that she was just ready. She said, “anybody could’ve come along and given me peanuts for this, and I would’ve been like, ‘Great, thank you. Please take it.”


[00:18:28] Jason Hull: So for her, when she went on that show, it was do or die. They were either going to declare bankruptcy because they had shelled out their last dime towards all this product, and if it didn’t sell, they were like dead in the water. And so she took a risk. Everybody told her not to do this, but she got on camera and she wiped off her makeup, showed her skin, and showed how red it was and everything–


[00:18:51] Sarah Hall: which is exactly what they told her not to do.


[00:18:54] Jason Hull: Yeah. They told her, “Don’t do this.”


[00:18:55] Sarah Hall: “Do not do this.” 


[00:18:56] Jason Hull: She did it any way. And people were sold. She showcased the product and how it worked on herself. And people were amazed and that vulnerability was where she’s like, “I am not going to hide in plain sight. I’m going to like do this in front of everybody. And so that’s the message is how are you hiding in plain sight?”


[00:19:13] Jason Hull: What do you know deep down you should be doing, but you haven’t really done it? You’ve just been kind of, you’ve got the facade, you’ve kind of not been doing it. She mentioned things like maybe you need to start that book you’ve been dreaming over. Maybe you need to take that leap that you’ve not done or whatever it might be. She said– I have a couple great quotes– one was, “The longest journey is the 18 inches from your head to your heart.” I really like that one. And she also said– I thought this was interesting because she had a lot of success afterwards. She said, “People cheer you on after you’ve made it” and “be so great they can’t ignore you that they eventually have to pay you.” So, and the guy that told her that really brutal “No, nobody wants to work with somebody that looks like you” and like this kind of thing. He eventually became on her board. He told her, “I was wrong. I was wrong.” And he then was working for her and helping her build the business. And I thought that was a really powerful conversation. 


[00:20:07] Jason Hull: So to recap the framework, first you need clarity. Figure out like what is it that you feel deep down that you should do and should be focused on. Take action, massive action. And number three, believe it’s possible. You have to continue to believe it’s possible, or you’re going to give up. And then deeper than that, you have to believe you’re worthy. No matter what anyone else says about you, no matter if they say you’re not good looking enough or you’re not smart enough, or you can’t, you have to believe, because you know you have that calling deep down. You have to believe that– one of the great quotes at the conference was, “God qualifies the call.” okay. So if you feel that calling deep down, you’re qualified. 


[00:20:43] Sarah Hall: The best part–


[00:20:44] Jason Hull: oh, what did I miss? 


[00:20:44] Sarah Hall: That’s the best part. 


[00:20:45] Jason Hull: Oh, then you say it. This is why I keep her around. 


[00:20:47] Sarah Hall: Haha! I wrote it down because–


[00:20:49] Sarah Hall: She’s got a way better memory than me.


[00:20:51] Sarah Hall: I know. But I heard it and then I heard it again a few times throughout the conference and I was like, “Oh,” you know, I heard it the first time, but it didn’t sink in the first time.


[00:20:58] Jason Hull: Oh.


[00:20:59] Sarah Hall: It was, “God doesn’t call the qualified. 


[00:21:02] Jason Hull: Yeah.


[00:21:03] Sarah Hall: “He qualifies called.”


[00:21:05] Jason Hull: Mm-hmm. Yeah. He qualifies the called because if he gives you the call, you feel that deep, deep down or the universe or whatever you’re into. If you feel that calling, you know deep down that it’s the right thing for you to do, you’re qualified. He will help you eventually get qualified. As long as you keep pushing towards it, you will become the person you need to become in order to do that. And Jamie Kern Lima, her thing reinforced us. So that’s kind of our message for today. 


[00:21:29] Sarah Hall: I’ve got two more great ones from her. 


[00:21:30] Jason Hull: She’s got two more quotes. 


[00:21:31] Jason Hull: I like one liners from her that I just.


[00:21:33] Sarah Hall: My hand after this event was just done.


[00:21:36] Jason Hull: Yeah. 


[00:21:36] Sarah Hall: It’s still tight. That was weeks ago. So, in relation to when she had that opportunity and that– well, she had what she thought was an opportunity, which ended up being another “No,” right? 


[00:21:47] Jason Hull: Mm-hmm. 


[00:21:47] Sarah Hall: But if it had been an opportunity, she would’ve just sold it to get out of it and been like, “Yes, thank you. Please take it.” And she would’ve missed out on the big deal, right. So she says, “You have to thank God for the open doors. But you also have to thank him for the closed ones.” So just because it’s a closed door, it’s probably closed for a reason. It’s not the right door. So just keep going until you find the right one because it will happen. Also, “when you change your relationship with rejection, you change your life.” 


[00:22:19] Jason Hull: That’s a good one. 


[00:22:20] Sarah Hall: So that is really big. So those are my two last little gems from her. 


[00:22:23] Jason Hull: Yeah. Love it. So that’s our message for today. So believe in yourself, believe that you’re worthy. And if you don’t have the right clarity, if you don’t have know the right actions to take, but you feel deep down you should have a property management business, you feel like you should be able to grow this. We want to help you get that clarity. We want to help you take the right actions. So reach out to us. You can check us out at doorgrow.com. You can also go join our free Facebook group, DoorGrowclub.com, and we would love to get connected with you, have our team connect with you, and get you on that right journey and avoid all the sand traps, avoid the common mistakes, and get your business so that it’s healthy as quickly as possible. And with that, we are out. So until next time, to our mutual growth. Anything you want to say before we close?


[00:23:12] Sarah Hall: I think that’s it. 


[00:23:14] Jason Hull: All right. Thanks everybody. Bye. You just listened to the #DoorGrowShow. We are building a community of the savviest property management entrepreneurs on the planet in the DoorGrowClub. Join your fellow DoorGrow Hackers at doorgrowclub.com. Listen, everyone is doing the same stuff. SEO, PPC, pay-per-lead content, social direct mail, and they still struggle to grow! 


[00:23:42] Jason Hull: At DoorGrow, we solve your biggest challenge: getting deals and growing your business. Find out more at doorgrow.com. Find any show notes or links from today’s episode on our blog doorgrow.com, and to get notified of future events and news subscribe to our newsletter at doorgrow.com/subscribe. Until next time, take what you learn and start DoorGrow Hacking your business and your life.

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