DGS 185: The DoorGrow Rapid Revamp Program for Transforming your Property Management Business

Do you enjoy your day-to-day in your property management business? At DoorGrow, we want to help our clients build a business that you COULD sell for a seven-figure exit… but you won’t want to. This is the goal of our newest program, Built to Sell.

In this episode, property management growth expert, Jason Hull shares the 90-day Rapid Revamp program as part of our new Built to Sell program. Learn how you can completely transform your business from sales and prospecting to branding and websites in just 90 days.

You’ll Learn…

[01:16] The First DoorGrowLive Event in 4 years

[02:28] Building a Business you Could Sell but Won’t Want to

[07:13] An Opportunity to Coach other Property Managers

[10:38] Week by Week Overview of the Rapid Revamp Program

[26:26] What Does the New Program Cost? How Does it Work?


“Sales and deals happen at the speed of trust.”

“Culture dictates how you hire and who you hire and who you’re able to attract. Culture dictates how you sell and it dictates your sales pitch and how you close deals.”

“I really think this industry is in its infancy and has massive potential, and I am really optimistic about the future.”

“If you don’t have the business of your dreams, it’s because you don’t know what you’re doing to some degree. You’re doing some of the wrong things. You’re doing things that are minus signs for you in your day-to-day.”


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[00:00:00] I love being in my business. I love getting to do what I get to do. I don’t have to wear hats or do things in my business anymore that I don’t like doing, and that’s our goal for our clients is to help them build that business that is built to sell, but that you don’t want to. That’s the ultimate freedom in business 


[00:00:16] Welcome DoorGrow Hackers to the #DoorGrowShow. If you are a property management entrepreneur that wants to add doors, make a difference, increase revenue, help others, impact lives, and you are interested in growing in business and in life, and you’re open to doing things a bit differently, then you are a DoorGrow Hacker. DoorGrow Hackers love the opportunities, daily variety, unique challenges, and freedom that property management brings. Many in real estate think you’re crazy for doing it. You think they’re crazy for not because you realize that property management is the ultimate, high-trust gateway to real estate deals, relationships, and residual income. At DoorGrow, we are on a mission to transform property management business owners and their businesses. We want to transform the industry, eliminate the BS, build awareness, change perception, expand the market, and help the best property management entrepreneurs win. I’m your host, property management growth expert Jason Hull, the founder and CEO of DoorGrow. Now, let’s get into the show.


[00:01:16] All right. So, today’s topic: we are doing this really cool event it’s happening this week. So by the time you see this, it may have already happened. If some of you are following us on iTunes or podcast apps or whatever, this may have already happened, but we’re doing a live in-person event. DoorGrowLive, the first event we’ve done in a long time, and it’s gonna be here in Austin and it’s gonna be awesome. So we’ve got this event that we’re doing in person. It’s mostly gonna be just our clients. I think we have a few attendees or small handful of attendees that are not our clients that are gonna be in attendance, but this is going to be mainly for our clients. It’s open to other people. If you’re watching this live and you want to be there, you can get a ticket. You can go to doorgrowlive.com and get a ticket, and we have other events. We’re gonna be doing an event– not annually– we’re gonna be doing an event with our clients once a quarter because we have almost a hundred clients in our mastermind and we want to get together in person and meet, and this is going to be awesome. This gives us an opportunity to get together, have speakers. And in our mastermind group, we’ve got so many people now we’re organizing them into tribes, and so they get to create friends and connections. It’s super cool. 


[00:02:28] So what our current program is it’s called Built to Sell, and so the idea is to build a property management business in the next three to five years. That you have the option of selling. It doesn’t mean you’ll take that option, doesn’t mean that you will exit your business for seven figures, which is the goal. You might keep it, right? And that’s probably the goal. The ultimate goal is to have the freedom to exit your business, but not want to because you’ve built it to be fun and you’ve built it to give you maximum levels of fulfillment in life and freedom, and it’s a source for you to contribute and make a difference. And you feel like it’s feeding you life. Like you love being in your business. That’s the business I have. I love being in my business. I love getting to do what I get to do. I don’t have to wear hats or do things in my business anymore that I don’t like doing, and that’s our goal for our clients is to help them build that business that is built to sell, but that you don’t want to. That’s the ultimate freedom in business. And so, this Built to Sell program– built to sell in three to five years to get a seven-figure exit if you want to– is very doable. It’s very doable. 


[00:03:37] It’s something we know we can help clients do, and the first portion of that, the first 90 days is the Rapid Revamp, and so this is where we are cleaning house on these businesses. This is like _Bar Rescue_ or _The Profit_ or any of these shows where you see them revamp businesses, we are helping them revamp their business. We’re cleaning up everything, and I could go over the entire roadmap if some of you are interested in that, but that is the goal is you want to build a business that gives you the ultimate level of fulfillment, the ultimate level of freedom, the ultimate level of contribution, the ultimate level of support. That’s why we build a business. It’s why we have a team, so we don’t have to wear every hat. We don’t have to do the things we don’t enjoy. We don’t have to live in the minus signs in our day, our day’s all plus signs. So if you’re a property management business owner right now, and you’re like, “I know that this is not how it’s supposed to work,” you might be in that first sand trap as a solopreneur and you’re stuck and you’re struggling. I’ve seen hundreds of clients like this and companies and we help them solve this. Like it’s an uncomfortable place. 


[00:04:41] They call it the solopreneur sand trap. There’s lots of people that are in that second sand trap, which is that team sand trap. This is 200 to 400 units usually, and they’re like really struggling to figure out: “Why can’t my team just be great. Why can’t I find great people? Why do they have to keep coming to me and asking me questions all the time for everything? And I feel like I’m taking crazy pills because I’m just constantly inundated with interruptions and having to micromanage my team and approve every major decision, and I’m not even doing the things in the business that I think are the most fun, that feel like the most fulfillment and the most freedom and contribution. I don’t feel supported. I feel like I’m having to support everybody else.” You’ve built the wrong team in the wrong business, around the wrong person. That’s the problem is you are showing up as the wrong person in your own business, and so this is the idea: Built to Sell. We are helping build the entrepreneurs and businesses and the goal with the entrepreneur is we just need to build you up to be the business owner that can have the business of your dreams. If you don’t have the business of your dreams, it’s because you don’t know what you’re doing to some degree. You’re doing some of the wrong things. You’re doing things that are minus signs for you in your day-to-day. 


[00:05:51] You only need maybe about 200 plus doors and about five team members to probably max out on those four reasons if you do it the right way, and then you can have the business of your dreams, be taking vacations. You could be doing the things you want to do. You could have plenty of profit. A member of my team has a property management business, and they have somewhere around, I think, 200 doors and they have 60 to 70% profit margin, and these are C-class properties. And they are not doing really much in the business. They’re working basically full-time in my business and they have one part-time person boots on the ground that does the stuff that they need done. That’s how efficient property management businesses can run even with C-class properties.


[00:06:36] Right. And so, we’re really good at helping you cut your staffing costs in half, reduce the phone calls, reduce interruptions, build the business of your dreams, and that is the goal of the Built to Sell program. That’s the goal of this program that we have over the next three to five years that we want to do with you in your business. So, we’re really excited. Our next event’s going to be in October. So if you want to be at that and come see what we do and come see the momentum that people are creating, come hear from people and see what’s going on at DoorGrow. We’re creating magic in this industry. I don’t think anybody else is doing anything like this, and if you are somebody that wants to coach other property managers, you’re like, “Hey, I’ve had some success, and I want to give back. I want to be in that state of contribution,” we will pay you to do that. You can come join DoorGrow. It could be a part-time gig while you run your own company and you can come be part of our coaching team and dedicate a small amount of time out of your month and feel that momentum because I feel like you learn the best. So we will be taking applications for the coaches and we want to bring in the best coaches in the industry. We’re already courting and talking to some really amazing people. Some of these people have built up and sold 2000 door+ companies some have coached and consulted multiple companies and helped them grow.


[00:08:01] And so, DoorGrow, we will be the world leaders in property management growth. That’s our goal. I invest a lot myself in coaches and mentors– over six figures a year– just on my own masterminds and programs that I’m in so that I can learn so that I can give value to my clients, and we are adding all sorts of cool stuff and we’re making changes rapidly in our business. We’re really excited. So today’s podcast is just all about you know, what’s going on at DoorGrow, Built to Sell, Rapid Revamp, Scale Program Mastermind… This is the stuff that we’re doing that’s really, I think, gonna change the industry, and I really think this industry is in its infancy and has massive potential, and I am really optimistic about the future. 


[00:08:48] A lot of people are talking about the real estate market crashing, and maybe there’s gonna be a crash in all of this. It’s inevitable, maybe, or maybe it’s not… property management does great during crashes. Property management does great during recessions. There will probably be another pandemic. Like people are saying that that’s coming, who knows if it’s gonna be monkeypox or whatever. Property managers can handle this stuff. And I think property management’s gonna become more and more relevant. It’s gonna become more and more critical. And all of these things are gonna drive it. A lot of people that are self-managing were down 50% in rent during the pandemic, but property managers were down very little, like if at all. Smart ones that played their cards right and didn’t like expect people to have issues paying and put out messages saying, “Hey, if you’re gonna have problems paying…” didn’t have problems with people paying in general property managers that made that mistake, maybe went down maybe five, 10%, 15% revenue.


[00:09:44] So I know some of you that made that mistake, right? You preemptively reached out to everybody and you’re like, “Hey, if you’re having a problem paying rent…” and then they’re like, “You know what? I do have problems paying rent. Thank you for like, presenting that option to me.” but property management like became more necessary because it became more of an emotional issue. I see that even if tough stuff comes at us in this industry, it’s gonna grow. It’s gonna get better. We’ve only been at maybe like 30% market share, right? Between self-managing and managing professionally, and so there’s like 70% available room to grow, or at least double, right. If you get to the level of Australia, they’re like at 80%, roughly. And we’re at 30%, right? So we could double in size and still not be at Australia’s level of market penetration in professional management versus self-management. So I think there’s lots of opportunity.


[00:10:38] So let me tell you about the Rapid Revamp. Some of you are interested. You’re like, “Jason, what do you guys do at DoorGrow how are you gonna help me? Like, what are you gonna do? Let me explain to you the first 90 days, this is week by week. I’m gonna take you through week by week. What we’re going to do:


[00:10:51] Week zero: basically, if you come on board, we start these classes once a quarter. So our next class is in October. So get in now because we have limited spots that we’re allowing into this class. We are only planning on allowing 30. Our first class though, we took our current clients through it. We have two-thirds of our clients that are in our mastermind go through it, so we have about 60 businesses going through it right now. That’s a lot– more than the class size that we want to have. We want to probably have a class size of maybe half that. So we’re gonna probably be allowing about 10 a month into this class because we’re building this up over the next quarter until October starts. We’ve already sold several into the program. They’re getting free coaching leading up to it. So if you want to get in, get in now and you get some free coaching, some additional free coaching leading up to it starting in October, and then we’re going to start every 90 days after that each quarter we have a class starting. So if you want to be part of this quarter, that’s gonna be awesome. 


[00:11:51] It’s going to be leading into October. This is the winter months where business owners want to work on their businesses. You have some bandwidth. You have some downtime. Property management cools down. This is a great time to focus on making changes in your business, growing your business. And leveling up in your business. And so that zero, we call ‘Prepare.’ All the weeks start with a ‘P.’ So that zero week is Prepare, so that zero week probably could last a month or two, depending on when you join leading up to the beginning of the next class. So you’re going to be starting on just getting some quick clarity, some quick wins. We’ll be coaching you. You’ll get a kickoff call, one on one with me. You can do some calls with some of my team members that can coach you on operational challenges, in acquisition challenges and getting doors, growth, so then we’re gonna get into week one, and week one is amazing. 


[00:12:39] Week one is Prioritize. In this training, we are cutting some companies’ staffing costs in half. It doesn’t matter how big or how small you are we are able to collapse your time in half. We’re sharing with you the secrets, and this week is called Prioritize. It’s all about time, and the biggest secret– I’m just gonna tell you– is about eliminating phone calls, and we’re gonna teach you how to eliminate all the phone calls in your business except the ones you really want to have, which are from prospective clients. You don’t need to be talking to anybody else, and so we’re going to teach you the secrets of how to systematize your business to eliminate those phone calls, decrease staffing costs without hurting customer service levels, without getting bad reviews, without any of those challenges you think might happen, and so we’re also going to get you started on a two-week time study, which is one of my greatest secrets and hacks in figuring out how do we build the business around your “plus signs,” where you’re going to identify those plus and minus signs, and we’re going to start to reduce those interruptions and dramatically change your business.


[00:13:37] So week number two is Purpose. We’re going to get into Purpose Secrets and figuring out your personal “why,” your business “why,” your client-centric mission statement of focusing on clients, and all these things that create culture that also allow you to close more deals, more easily, at a higher price point. So purpose is the most significant thing we’ve ever taught clients, like when clients– when we asked them like, “What’s the biggest benefit you got by working with DoorGrow? What was the best thing that you learned? They always say it was this stuff.” and I know it sounds like fluffy, woo woo bullshit right on the surface, but thousand door companies– people that have thousand door companies or greater– they know how critical culture is, and we’re going to help you lay the cultural foundation. You know you need this week if you’ve had bad hires, or you have team members that you feel like are not motivated, or you’ve been struggling to get people to like take action and do things on your team or business, or you’re frustrated, or you’re having difficulty closing deals, or you’re losing business to other companies. Those are all culture problems. Those are culture problems. They’re not sales problems. They’re not like hiring problems necessarily. It comes before that. You have to have good culture. Culture dictates how you hire and who you hire and who you’re able to attract. Culture dictates how you sell and it dictates your sales pitch and how you close deals.


[00:15:03] People don’t close deals because you have better features or benefits or pricing. Those are the bad clients. People close with you and become clients with you– the great clients– because they trust you. Sales and deals happen at the speed of trust. And so this is how we create trust. It’s how we build out our golden bridge sales script with you. It’s how we get into four-phase selling. It’s how we get into “the three dominoes.” All of that stems from your purpose and getting this stuff really clearly defined. It’s how you authentically create trust with clients is to let them know what really motivates you. And if you don’t help them see that it’s something besides just money. Their assumption will be that your goal is just to squeeze as much money out of them as unethically as possible. That’s the default assumption when people are selling unless you counter that. And we’re going teach how to do that in a powerful way. So that’s Purpose. 


[00:15:58] Week three, we’re getting into Pricing. So this is where we’re getting into unique pricing models and methods that are different than what everybody else does. Everybody else does a flat fee or they do a percentage, and so we’re getting into the science psychology of pricing strategy and helping you develop three-tier hybrid pricing models and teaching you then how to leverage that to be able to close more deals, more easily, at a higher price point than your competition and how to create incentive structure so that you’re getting on more of the higher end properties and the higher rent properties and decentivizing the cheap owners that are difficult to deal with. And so that is a game changer week, and in a single week, you’re going to have new pricing because we give you hybrid pricing spreadsheets, we give you different sheets to map stuff out, we give you all the stuff so that you can figure this out. 


[00:16:52] Then week four, we get into Positioning. This is all about branding. We are the world’s leading property management branding agency. We’ve rebranded hundreds of companies. Some of the best brands that exist out there in the property management space, we had a hand in coaching them, supporting them, or helping them come up with those names. We do logo design, we help with business cards, print collateral, all of that kind of stuff. So we’re gonna help you, and you’ll go through our training material, and you’ll learn about branding.


[00:17:18] The next week after that is Product. So we are then getting into our first acquisition strategy. We call this the “Trojan horse to selling” or the “side door to closing deals,” and we’re teaching you a secret strategy on how you can get investors to become clients, doing a thing called product research interviews. And so it’s really brilliant. We had a client that just showed up the week after that call, and he said, “I did one of those interviews, and I closed 10 doors on doing one interview,” and this is the, like, it’s super easy to close deals because the secret is: most investors are not looking for you and they don’t think they need you. They’re not looking online. That’s why Google ads, SEO, these kind of things really are probably a waste of money in a lot of situations for most businesses, so we’re teaching you how at no cost, you can go and acquire business more easily. The next week, after product– and product is a great week. If you are under a hundred doors, you’re in that startup stage. This is going to help you learn the secrets that you need to know to have the knowledge to close deals the way a 10-year-old company would know. They know all the problems, they know all the pains. You’re gonna learn all of this by using that strategy, and we give you scripts like how to do it, everything. We train you.


[00:18:34] Week six: we’re teaching you how to sell because you need to know how to pitch. If you get opportunities with investors to sell, we’re gonna teach you how to sell the Pitch week is all about our four-phase selling strategy in which we go through the four phases that make any sales pitch amazing no matter what you’re selling. We’re going to get into how phase two of this four-phase selling, we’re going to teach you the golden bridge script and the golden bridge formula, which is stacked on Purpose week that we went through and we’re gonna get into the ultimate pitch, how to build the ultimate pitch based on the Three Dominoes that you need to knock over and how to handle all of their objections during your sales pitch very effectively so that by the end of these three dominoes being knocked down, the only logical conclusion they have is to work with you, with your company, because nothing else would be better or more effective. And so this is really effective for increasing your close rate and helping you sell more.


[00:19:33] After we get through that, then we get into Partners. So week seven, we’re getting into Partners and this is how to now, stacking on the previous acquisition strategy of Product, we’re now getting into: how do you get more connections through potential partners that can connect you and introduce you to investors so that you can get warm leads and more referrals. One of our clients using this strategy added 310 doors over the last year from just five or six agents and they were able to do this because they implemented this strategy. Now, most referral relationships will give you maybe a referral once or twice maybe a month. Like, and it doesn’t work super effectively because they’re waiting for people to come to them saying they want property management, which almost never happens, so our strategy is way more effective than that. So we’re teaching how to build this outbound partner relationship system in which you are able to grow your business dramatically faster through warm leads and dramatically increased referrals. We’re also getting into another strategy called the neighbor strategy, which is also super effective in getting other property management companies to send you business. Really effective. We’ve got clients just adding sometimes five, 10 doors a month just by getting referrals from property management companies that are in their market sometimes or outside their market. So we’ll get in that.


[00:21:00] Week eight: we’re getting into Power. We are going to be creating confidence, making sure you have a healthy mindset, making sure that you have the right appearance. You’d be surprised, but we get a lot of clients that struggle with this stuff. They’re not confident in their pitch. They say, “um” and “and” too much. They’re not polished. They don’t smell confident, they don’t sound confident, they don’t look confident, and that destroys trust. And so even if they’re a great property manager, they’re artificially destroying trust and killing deals and not getting on business. So we get into that. 


[00:21:31] And then week nine: we’re getting into Presence. So this is the online presence, website, and making sure that your website content is dialed in so that our team can start building you a really effective website with your new pricing, with your new branding, with your new pitch, with all your new stuff, we’re going now help you build out the website. I don’t think anybody does this better than us. Our biggest competitors, even if they do more sites than us, they’re still copying us and trying to do what we do. Our clients’ close rates and their websites are a lot more effective. And you can test your website right now if you want to see if this is a leak by going to doorgrow.com/quiz. That’s doorgrow.com/quiz. And test your website and see what kind of grade you get. My guess is you’re getting, at very most, maybe a, B, maybe a C. Maybe you’re getting a D or an F. We see a lot of Fs come through from some of our competitors.


[00:22:24] Then after website, we’re getting into week 10, we’re getting into Perception. So this is all about online reviews, how to create a system of warm outreach that allows you to get consistently the majority of your tenants and owners to give you positive reviews and feedback online, leveraging the law of reciprocity. So we give you these scripts. We give you the language. And if you build this system out in your business, you will never have a bad-reviewed company. You’ll have great reviews online and you’ll be outpacing all of your competition because they mistakenly think that reviews happen by default or if you just ask for reviews, you’ll get them. And that doesn’t work very well. And you know it! Like you’ve struggled to get reviews I’m sure. So we’re gonna teach you the secret systems in Reputation Secrets, how you’re going to crush it and get consistently good reviews. And this has helped some of our clients, this strategy alone has helped some of our clients add a hundred to 200 doors in a year, just this strategy. And it’s warm leads. Close rate’s easy, it’s a high, high close rate. And most property management companies suck and most get bad reviews. You’re not going to suck and you’re not going to get bad reviews working with us. 


[00:23:28] The next week, we’re getting into week 11, we’re getting into Prospecting. We’re going to teach you how to leverage groups because you’re going to have some group opportunities come up by doing the Partners and by doing the Product week challenges that we’re gonna give you. You’re going to have some opportunities come up to pitch to a group, and most people will go do some sort of group presentation to a bunch of realtors, or they’ll do a group presentation to a bunch of investors and they walk away with very few deals. We’re gonna teach you how to walk away with a lot of relationships and a lot of deals and actual appointments from that event. And so we’re going to teach you strategies to do that. And that strategy alone has helped some– one of my clients went from being at 50, 60 doors to 300 doors in just six months, right. Just using this strategy alone can be super effective, so we’re going to stack that strategy on Prospecting, which is groups.


[00:24:25] And then week 12, we’re getting into Planning, so then we’re going to take a look at: what’s the six month roadmap moving forward? You’re at the end of this program, like what’s coming next? What do you need next? We’re gonna help you get super strong clarity, show you the roadmap of what comes next, which is the next six month program, which is Scale as part of this mastermind, and we’re gonna show you what we’re gonna do next to get you to that next level. This is building out all the systems that you need to have in your business, hiring system, planning systems, et cetera. So we’re going to roadmap and do planning. 


[00:24:56] And then, week 13 is all about Progress, so we’re going to be sharing wins. Everybody’s gonna be celebrating, and week 15, which really is starting into the next cycle– that’s where we’re doing our next in-person event. So that’s where you graduate and that’s where we’re going to celebrate. You’re going to be hanging out with your class, with your buddies, with the people in your tribe, you’re going to get your diploma. This is graduation, and you’ll get to see the newbies that are coming through the next class. And share your stories with them. It’s going to be awesome. So, and in October, our kickoff for the class– those that joined the October class– in October 18th and 19th, I believe it is, we are doing our event in Vegas at the signature hotel at the MGM grand. It’s going to be awesome. So you will get to see the clients that are going through our Rapid Revamp right now that are going to be graduating and hear from them, and you’ll get to be around people that are crushing it, adding doors, you will know you’re at the right place, and it’s going to be super awesome. And you’re gonna be connected to other people that are playing a similar game and investing in themselves. These are rare people. These are business owners and property management business owners and property management business owners that invest in themselves. You’re going to get to hang around with some of the coolest people I think that exist in the industry. These are people that are contribution focused. These are people that are game changers. These are people that are making a difference. Some of these people have thousands of doors. Some of them are startups, but they’re all growing and they’re growing rapidly and they’re focused on investing in themselves and growing.


[00:26:26] So that is a quick overview of the rapid revamp program. And if you’re curious, “Jason, what does this cost?” Our program is way less than buying into a franchise. It’s way less than making a bad hire or spending money on a team member. It’s way less than all those things. So it’s 10 grand for the program, which is less than you would spend on a year with a marketing firm or some other firm, and you get way less doors and way less results, so this is an absolute no-brainer, and you can break it up into payments and stuff like that if you need to. But anyway, that’s it. So that’s our Rapid Revamp is the first 90 days, first three months in our Built to Sell program, and then you’re going to move into our six-month Scale program and then you’ll move into our continuity, our annual program that renews yearly, and that’s your next level then. It’s going to be awesome. So, reach out to our team, check us out at doorgrow.com. And we would love to set up a call with you and see if you’d be a good fit, see if you are a candidate, somebody that we can work with over the next three to five years to help you have either a seven-figure exit, or just a seven-figure business that you don’t want to exit, which is the goal. My hope is that you’ll want to keep it because it’s the main vehicle for fulfillment and freedom in your life, and you love getting to do what you get to do. So with that, I’m out. Until next time, to our mutual growth. Bye everyone. 


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If you ever want to get some 1:1 help, we can jump on the phone for a quick call, and brainstorm how to get you more leads, increase profits, and make the business easier, less stressful, & more efficient. Book a call with us.