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Why Your Marketing Isn't Working

5 Things That Trump SEO, PPC, Content, Social, Etc.

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Tired of wasting your time on garbage leads & struggling to grow? Are you trying PPC, SEO, Content Marketing, Social Media and still not getting the leads you want? Learn why those don't work.

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Sterling Davis: From 60 to 300 Doors in Just 6 Months

Even Sterling is blown away by his results... after 3 years of struggling to get to just 50 doors he has nearly doubled his profit per door and added 20 new doors in a month by leveraging the resources in the Seed Program. Then he went on to hit 300 doors in just 6 months. All without internet marketing.

Jon Westrom: Doubled His PM Revenue & Exploded Real Estate

Jon had been in business for 20 years already... but just months after working with DoorGrow, Jon's whole lifestyle has changed. He went from 220 doors and $20,000/month to 275 and over $40,000! He bought a new home and with all his extra time he did $75,000 in real estate commissions in a month, on the side.

Dan Nelson: Quickly Got a Return - Over 40 New Doors

Dan just did what we told him. With his new branding & website, he attracted an out of country investor that he would have missed out on before we helped him out. That investor gave him over 40 properties! He has implemented several of our recommendations and is seeing a massive return on his investment.

Everything You Need to Succeed

Avoid Churn & Burn Marketing Agencies - With Us, You've Got This!

No other company can match our results, because no other company will give you as much depth and hand-holding in your journey to grow your business. Other marketing firms want to sell you cold leads.

While other firms are busy focusing on making "McDonald meal deals" and reaching as many as possible - as shallow as possible, we focus on going as deep as possible with each client. This prevents the churn & burn that other firms create. We want to guide you toward what actually works to create real & consistent growth.


You also get direct walkie-talkie access to the world's leading PM Growth Expert Jason Hull as well as access to hours of training videos and materials to guide you through our proven process.


We often think we are better or worse than reality. Our assessments expose blind spots & help you see where you truly are in the process of shoring up the leaks in your business.


As a team, we track your progress & follow up with you to keep you moving forward through the process. We want to ensure your success, because that is our success.


You get access to our private #SeedHackers Facebook group support community. You can message each other, post challenges, provide feedback, and not feel like you are in it alone.

Action Plans

We had a grand vision when we designed this system and we will give you clear, actionable items to complete at every step of the way. Just trust the process, do what we say, & succeed.


Not only have we created an awesome process, but we provide ongoing trainings, Q&A events, & more to make sure you never get stuck.

The Growth Support You've Been Missing

You Are Not Alone Anymore

Monthly Group Calls

Session 11 - [Members Only] SeedHackers Q and A – Crowdcast 2017-06-16 13-06-58

We have a weekly Celebrations & Coaching video call in which you can share your wins, get support, ask questions, etc.

Private Facebook Community


Post questions, wins, even instant message other members, to share ideas and tips.

Online Video Courses

DoorGrow Academy 2017-06-21 06-24-15

Our goal is to map out material that helps you shore up leaks and solve your biggest challenges and get it to you as quick and dirty and simple as possible. We consistently add new material based on member feedback.

Step 1: Branding

Goal: Improve Focus, Position, Targeting

Branding Strategy, Logo Design, Business Card Design - $1,935 Value

Look like a real company. Professional logo design & branding, including business card design. We'll look at your competitors and help you come up with a brand strategy. Then we'll design a logo & business card based on that strategy.

Wild fact: Almost half of our Seed Program Clients have changed their business name after discussing branding & evaluating their market!

Step 2: Website

Goal: Capture More Leads With a DoorGrow SeedSite

SeedSite Website - $5,160 Value

We already have several styles, so we can launch quickly, and will add your new logo, match the accent color, & will change the content so it is unique.

All of our designs are FULLY RESPONSIVE and easy to update. Plus, they're based on years of research & knowledge gained from building effective PM websites. These will save you time with tenants and attract owners. Furthermore, we also showcase your GatherKudos reviews.

And we will integrate your site with Appfolio, Buildium, Propertyware, Showmojo, Rently, Paylease, or whatever tools you are using.

NEW! Includes Realtor Referral Page - Complete with $ calculator.

Already have a site?

It is costing you money. Take our DoorGrow Site Score Quiz

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Step 3: City Keyword Landing Pages

The Essential Pages Needed For Future Marketing Efforts

Included is up to 10 City Keyword Landing Pages ($970 Value)

City keyword landing pages are the pages most likely to be indexed by Google for a particular property management related keyword search. These pages need unique content. We research the local area, write unique, SEO-friendly content, and create a landing page that helps target people as effectively as your homepage.

Before you even consider doing SEO, PPC, or anything else focused on keyword traffic you will want these pages set up.

*$97/page for any additional pages over 10.

Step 4: Local SEO Citation Cleanup

Clean up local business listings, setup online profiles, push to all the major aggregators.

Citation Cleanup - $997 Value

Whether you are a new business, you decide to change your branding, or you have moved offices in the past - most businesses need this essential foundational service.

We do the following:

  • clean-up your existing online listings
  • manually create all the relevant review profiles we can in preparation to leverage GatherKudos
  • submit your listing info to all 4 major aggregators
  • ensure consistency among all your name, address, phone to help with Local SEO & map rankings.

Step 5: Reputation

Goal: Get More Reviews Online to Drive Warm Traffic

GatherKudos Setup + RocketLaunch Drip + Reputation Secrets Training

You'll get your own GatherKudos page... The feedback and reputation tool that helps you easily manage your online reputation, get better reviews, and safely get feedback to improve your business. The key to getting leads & deals without spending a ton is reputation, not marketing.

We setup your own GatherKudos landing page, link the positive reviews embed to your SeedSite, and will also run a drip campaign to your customers to give your reviews an initial boost.


More Good Reviews, On More Sites = More Warm Traffic

Why GatherKudos Beats, Customer Lobby, Get Five Stars, etc.

Most tools waste the good reviews by capturing them within their system because they first require a review to qualify people as happy or not. Cancel with them & you lose those reviews & people are smart - they don't trust reviews from those sources. They trust 3rd party sites - not reviews that are only on your own site.

GatherKudos qualifies in a single click. If they are happy it allows people to choose from several sites, gives them directions, and makes it easy. If they are negative or neutral it let's them contact the business owner directly.

Compliment - - OpenPotion Mail 2017-06-16 08-21-31

Step 6: Sales

Goal: Significantly Improve Your Confidence & Close Rate in Selling

Sales Process Training - $1,997 Value

Learn the process that took Jon Westrom from 2-4 doors a month to closing 30 in just 2. Having a process sets you apart from your competitors.  Learn a system for how to do sales that will allow you to stay in power, increases your close rate, client retention rate, & more...

...without having to beg for customers.

Sales Language Training - $1,997 Value

Learn how to use your words more effectively. Warning this is jedi-mindtrick-level stuff and should only be used by people with good intent. Based on things I have learned studying NLP, hypnosis, internet marketing, copywriting, etc.

We are absolutely killing it on this Sales Process and New Client Process thing.  I am getting so much positive feedback from o… 2017-06-15 17-57-35

Step 7: Prospecting

Goal: Stop Waiting for Leads & Create Business Opportunities

Hunting Training - Learn How To Hunt - $1,997 Value

Before you waste thousands on marketing learn the basic principles of prospecting - targeting your ideal clients and how to locate them, find them, and connect with them.

Realtor Authority Referrals System - $1,997 Value

Learn how one of my clients generates 10-30 deals a month, lands exclusive real estate office contracts with brokers, and gets a ton of realtor referrals by spending only 3 hours a month.

...without doing awkward real estate office presentations or trying to sell/convince realtors on sending you business.


For Rent By Owner Prospecting Training - $1,997 Value

Take control of your business growth & sharpen your new sales skills with cold calling FRBOs. Many people avoid cold-calling, but those that do it find the most success and learn better ways to sell and handle objections.

Linkedin Prospecting Training - $1,997 Value

Learn how I get people to find me, request connections to me, and get high-quality, inbound leads every week using the social network where real estate investors are actually hanging out. This is where we apply the Hunting Training to something real. Only takes an hour a day...

...without running expensive ads, spamming people, etc.

BONUS: Technology Tools & Resources - $1,997 Value

Learn about the latest & greatest tools to streamline, automate, and get more done with less costly staff. These tools alone will save you the cost of several employees annually and give you space to grow without having to hire lots of expensive staff.

Invest, Rather Than Buy Leads

We Guarantee If You Do What We Say, You Will Get a Rapid ROI

Not everyone is a good fit for this. Some people aren't interested in change, don't want to take action, & won't get results. We are careful to only take on the best clients that will get the best results. It all starts by talking with our team...

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